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Samsung 960BF LCD
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Product: Samsung SyncMaster 960BF 19" LCD
Provided By: Samsung Canada
Price: ~ $560 CDN (


Samsung is one of the definite leaders of LCD technology.  They are not always the first to come out with a new product, but their products are generally high quality.  This Korean based company manufacturers their own LCD panels and by doing this has greater control over quality.  The LCD we have on the bench this time around is a higher-end model that features a resolution of 1280x1024 and refreshes at 4ms (grey to grey).  It has a unique design with a foldable base and can also rotate 90° for your viewing pleasure.  This LCD features a plethora of Samsung's new features like MagicSpeed, MagicBright2, MagicColor, MagicTune, MagicZone and MagicRotation along with a software based OSD (On Screen Display).   Keep on reading to find out if this monitor is worth you hard earned coin.

First Look:

The Budle - DVI + VGA
 The Bundle - DVI + VGA

Pivot Feature = Nice
 Pivot Feature = Nice

Back Side
 Back Side

The 960BF comes with everything you need to hook a digital monitor up to any computer - whether DVI or standard D-Sub.  Samsung includes a DVI-DVI cable to keep everything digital, as well as a D-Sub to DVI cable for hooking up to older graphics cards.  Either of these connections provide a good quality picture and work fine.  If you don't have a DVI connector on your computer don't worry.  This unit can get the job done.

Also included in the bundle is a software CD that includes drivers for the display as well as software that allows you to make adjustments to the picture.  Also included is Pivot software which will automatically adjust your screen resolution when you pivot the monitor 90° as show in the middle picture above.  Lastly, the package includes a DC Power Supply that you will need to get this monitor fired up.  Some LCD's have a built in power supply and thereby take a regular power cord.  Samsung has opted to keep things thin and sleek, and move the PSU to an external AC/DC converter.

Closer Look:

If you clicked any of the pictures above you may have already noticed that the 960BF only has a single button on the front.  In fact, that is the only button on this whole unit.  There are no menu, auto, or adjustment buttons located anywhere on this glossy white unit.  It makes it look nice, but that's about all.

The 960BF's Only Button
 The 960BF's Only Button

Crooked Logo On Base
 Crooked Logo On Base

DVI & Power Connectors
 DVI & Power Connectors

When I first took the 960BF out of the box, I closely inspected it for damage, defects or flaws.  I noticed that the "SyncMaster 960BF" logo on the base was not straight with the LCD panel.  It sits off about 4° and once you notice it, it will bug you.  It bugged me.  I can't solely fault the monitor based on the orientation of it's decals, but to me it shows that this particular unit was slapped together quickly instead of carefully.

All of the input's are on the bottom of the base.  As mentioned previously, there is a single solitary DVI input and Samsung uses a pair of cables for compatibility.  This way they only have to pony up and find a place to put one connector.  Not a bad idea.


Samsung uses a unique hinge mechanism on this unit that leaves the base attacted during shipping.  A lot of LCD's require that you assemble the base once you setup the display, but the 960BF requires only that you unfold the LCD to it's upright position.

Hinge Action When Folded
 Hinge Action When Folded

Widely Adjustable Hinge
Widely Adjustable Hinge

Specs & Features:

Before we plug this unit in and see how many dead pixels it has (hopefully none), we'll take a look at the specs and features as claimed from Samung.

 Panel  Type  a-si TFT/LCD

 Viewable Area  19"

 Pixel Pitch  0.294

 Brightness(Typ.) / Luminosité (typ.)  300 cd/m2

 Contrast Ratio(Typ. )  700:1

 Viewing Angle(H/V)  160/160 (CR>5)

 Response Time(Typ. )  4ms (Gray-to-Gray)

 Interface  Analog/Digital

 Frequency  Horizontal Frequency  30-81khz

 Vertical Frequency  56-75hz

 Maximum Resolution  1280x1024

 Colour Supported  16.2 million

 Signal Input  Input Video Signal  Analog RGB, DVI Digital Link

 Video Level  Analog : 0.7VP-P, Digital: TMDS tm

 Sync. Type  Separate H/V, Composite H/V, SOG

 Input Connectors  DVI-I

 Included Signal Cable  DVI-D Cable, DVI-I Cable


 On Mode  38 Watts (Max.)

 DPMS Mode  <1 Watt

 Available Colours  White

 Mac Compatibility  Yes

 Dimensions  Set with stand(WxHxD)  423 x 427.5 x 232.5 (mm)

 Packing(WxHxD)  504 x 187 x 437 (mm)

 Weight  Net  5.4 kg

 Gross  6.9 kg

 Regulation  Energy  Energy star

 Emissions  TCO'03

 Stand  Magic Stand: Height Adjustable, Pivot, Foldable


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