Samsung SCX-4521F Multi-Function Laser

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Samsung SCX-4521F Multi-Function Laser
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Product: Samsung SCX-4521F
Provided By: Samsung Canada
Price: ~ $289.95 @ MemoryExpress


It's been a long time since we had a Multi-Function unit on the bench.  The last product we took a look at along these lines was the SCX-5315F, also from Samsung.  This unit was large, bulky and had quite a few major paper jams.  Every now and then when I have too much coffee late at night I still have nightmares about that unit.  Samsung has sent us another MPF machine our way, and while this one is smaller, they seem confident that it will change our mind about their multi-purpose machines.  We'll soon see as we take a look at the SCX-4521F.

This unit is a 600x600 dpi monochrome laser printer, a color scanner, a copier with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), and a G3 Fax.  It has enough features to make it respectable - as long as they work as advertised.  Keep on reading and we'll see if this machine is fit for the small/home office environment.

First Look & Specs:

While the features list on this unit is quite large, the size is not too bad at all.  It is smaller than a CLP-5xx series color laser printer from Samsung and weighs a whole bunch less.  It's about the size of a 17" CRT and weighs about the same.

SCX-4521F Bundle
 SCX-4521F Bundle

SCX-4521F Opened Up
 SCX-4521F Opened Up

In true Samsung form, the SCX-4521F comes with everything you need to get started and keep going for a while.  They include a software CD for the printer/scanner support, starter (1000 sheet) toner, a manual, quick install guide, power cable and even a phone cable for hooking up the fax.  You have the ability to use the ADF or flip the top up to place a document on the scanner bed directly.

Speed - Up to 20 ppm
Resolution - 600 x 600 dpi
Print language - SPL (Samsung Printer Language)
Toner Save - Extends toner yield by up to 25%

Transmission Speed - Approx. 3 seconds per page
Communication System - Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or behind PABX
Resolution - Max. - 300 x 300 dpi | Standard - 203 x 98 dpi | Fine - 203 x 196 dpi | Super Fine - 300 x 300 dpi | Photo - 203 x 196 dpi | Color - 200 x 200 dpi
Memory Capacity - 2MB (Approx. 160 Pages @ ITU-T #1 Chart)

- Up to 20 ppm
Resolution (Scan, Print)  - 600 x 600 dpi Text | Text/Photo - 600 x 300 dpi | Photo mode : 600 x 600dpi (Platen) 600 x 300dpi (ADF)
Zoom Range - 25~400% (platen), 25~100% (ADF)
Multi-copies - 1~99 pages

- 600 x 600 dpi, 4800 x 4800 dpi (enhanced)
Speed - 3 second per page

Paper Handling:
Paper Input (Capa./Type)
- 150-sheet multi-purpose tray, 1-sheet manual tray
Output Capacity - 50 sheets (face down)

Closer Look:

The SCX-4521F is a solid unit that is definitely designed for small and home offices.  It only has a 150 page input tray and a 50 page output tray.  These limitations mean that you will be restocking the paper tray quite often if you use it a lot.  While I've been testing this unit, I've refilled the paper tray numerous times, but it is a quick and simple job to do.  You can see the input and output trays below, as well as the connections to hook up this unit to your computer.  I was able to hook up the printer to a network print server and access all the printer functions over the network with no issues.  Also the ability to send a fax from your computer to the SCX-4521F can be done over a network.  Scanning, on the other hand is not network capable.

SCX-4521F - Paper Trays
 SCX-4521F - Paper Trays

SCX-4521F - Feature List
 SCX-4521F - Feature List

Inputs / Outputs
 Inputs / Outputs

On the next page, we'll take a look at the software Samsung throws in to take advantage of all the features of the SCX-4521F and then we'll see if it can live up to it's claims.