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The first thing I had to do was to cut a whole in the top of my dear sweet aluminum case for my rad fan.

I never enjoy the very first cut on a new case. I alway find it very nerve-racking. Nevertheless, all went well, and I got my fan installed. This model of Sunon Fan is Ball bearing and is 38mm thick! The blades are curved quite a bit, so it should be able to deliver some pretty good pressure. I have a DPDT switch on the front of my case that controls this fan. It has three settings 7v-off-12v. I can customize the noise level and performance as required. Honestly, I only gain 1 degree C by running this fan at 12v, and at 7v it is almost silent.

I purchased a 4.25" hole saw for this job. I'm tired of trying to cut round holes with a dremel. It went very well.

This next pic just shows my Black Ice Price installed: The Rad is much thinner than I anticipated, but is spec'ed to 418Watts of heat! It should do nicely.

Next, we take a quick peak at WaterBlock installation. It was much easier than I thought, but then again. . . I have a shim. . . This watercooling setup will be cooling an Athlon 1.4GHz CPU that is running 512MB Cas2 RAM, 2-20GB Maxtor ATA 100's in RAID 0, 1-40GB Maxtor, a 48x16x48x MSI DragonWriter, Pioneer 16x40x DVD, and a GeForce 4Ti, all on my ABIT KT7A-RAID. (Finally I get to use my RAID!!!)

The WaterBlock came with all the necessary hardware to mount it properly. Just make sure you watch where the spring lands if you drop it onto the floor. Dead moths and springs look very similar. . .

Things are starting to take shape, as I leak test my Custom resevoir, and ViaAqua pump. I made the resevoir out of a 4" PVC cap. The suction line is 1/2", and the return is 3/8". I placed the suction below the return, as I thought the return could cause some turbulence, and possibly cause air bubbles in the water. With the suction below and off to the side, the bubbles should rise before they get sucked into the pump. Cha'ching! It works. I gooped a plexi lid on top so I can see what's going on.

Finally, I was able to put it all together. . .