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Everything is almost ready for the prime time. It looks like all of the hoses will reach, and the res. will fit under the Hard Drive racks.

Jumping ahead past all of the component installation, we see here, the resevoir in action. There is a lot of flow from that pump, and it makes the water churn furiously. Nifty.

It is a snug fit, getting the gear inside the case. It fits though and does indeed work awesome. Quiet and performance. . . something fans just can't offer.

If you're studying this pic, you may notice that the bottom two hard drives stick out farther that the top one. There is a fan mount inside of the hard drive rack, and I have a fan running to cool my RAID. There is one other fan in front of the res. There are both 80mm fans running 12v, and they help draw in cool air.

One last pic now of my tower in all her glory:

A word on temps:

With my old setup, if I had all the fans running - I could expect to see my CPU temp 14-24 C above inside case temp. That translates to CPU temps of 34-54C, depending on how warm the room was.

With this new WaterCooled setup - I am seeing my CPU temp 2-6 C above inside case temp. That translates to CPU temps of 22C-36C. A heck 'uv an improvement by any standards.

In short, this mod was not fun. It was done with a lot of pressure from work, as well as the stress of putting water in my computer for the first time. However, the quiet performance that I am enjoying now, was definately worth it!

I would like to thank:

  • Dallmann Computers - for setting me up with the case and footing the bill for the cooling gear.
  • Seeker - for picking everything I needed up in Calgary.
  • ve6jhc - for the inspiration to watercool.
  • My wife, Xena - for understanding my eat and run approach, and letting me use her measuring cups, funnels, spatula, cutting board, bone saw, etc. . . Seriously, she is one patient lady.
  • The Lord - for not having my rig leak and blow up . . . yet . . .

Up with Water!!