ZeusBox II - WaterCooled

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ZeusBox II - WaterCooled
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My first shot at watercooling. . .

A while back, I set out to cool my rig to aid in performance, as well as to have something different than just a plain old beige computer.  It served it's purpose, and served it quite well. It was definately an improvement over my previous unmodded case. However, it was loud. To cool my CPU effectively, I had modded up an WBK38 HSF, with three fans. I modded a double fan to a HSF, but I ended up adding a third fan to the HSF, because when the Delta was switched off, the one Volcano fan couldn't keep up.

So in an attempt to create a better case with more effective cooling for extra heat-generating hardware, the quest for the ZeusBox II w/c began . . .

To house everything in one case, I would need a bigger case. Besides, I'd already butchered my previous case beyond recognition. Dallmann Computers was quick on the scene to order me up an Aspire TURBO GAMER ATXA2ESW Aluminum Server Case pictured here. You can tell I'm a big fan of Blue!

After I got my super case, I couldn't wait to get chopping! The modding required to do the watercooling was actually very limited. All I had to do was to cut a 120mm hole in the top for my Rad Fan. . . but now I'm getting ahead of myself.

When I decided to WaterCool my rig, I didn't want to go cheap. I wanted to get the best performance possible without a lot of headache. My pump is a ViaAqua 1300 Mag Drive pump which is rated at 370US gph. I also picked up a Black Ice Prime radiator (reviewed here), a Danger Den Maze II waterblock, and a Sunon 120mm fan rated @ 83cfm @ 12v. Seeker, a buddy of mine, and a BCC Forum regular, went to Firestorm in Calgary and picked up the goods for me.

Now it's time to get busy. . .