eVGA 7600GT CO: A Step Up - Game Benchmarks and Conclusion

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Game Tests:

For these tests we used some popular games that I've enjoyed playing and taken them to the next level of mid-range performance with the 7600GT CO.  Let's face it, 3DMarks don't tell the whole story.  Games are where it's at in the real world.  The games we feature in this review are Call Of Duty 2, Quake 4, and Serious Sam 2.

Call of Duty 2 is up first, and we have taken it to the wall by running some pretty high resolutions - well at least for a mid-to-low card such as the 6600GT.  We used a custom Timedemo to recreate and compare the 6600GT with the 7600GT CO.  This benchmark was run at least 3 times to get some results that we could average.  We ran at 1280x1024 with 2x AA, and 4x AF at High Quality settings.  Check out the results below.

Click For A Larger Chart
Click For a Larger Chart

At the settings we used, the 6600GT really struggled and was virtually unusable.  That being said, you really can't use the 7600GT CO at these settings either.  The 7600GT CO ran 66% faster, but with an average below 30fps, you'll really want to drop some AA or choose a lower resolution.

The next game we looked at was Quake 4.  I rather enjoyed this game as it had the look and experience of Doom III, but without the demons.  No demons = Good Time.  For this benchmark we pulled a Deathmatch timedemo and ran it through several times to get a good average score.  We ran at both 1024x768 and 1280x1024 to see how much the memory bandwidth affects performance.  We ran at High Quality with all options enabled.  Combine that with 2x AA, and you've got a pretty impressive looking game.  Take a look at the chart below.

Click For A Larger Chart
Click For a Larger Chart

The results really speak for themselves.  At 1024x768 with high quality settings and some AA, the game is very playable on both graphics cards.  At stock speed the 7600GT CO outruns the 6600GT by 29%, and overclocking yields an additional 1%.  The picture changes a bit when we bump up the resolution to 1280x1024.  Overclocking yields absolutely no benefit, but the performance difference between the 6600GT and 7600GT widens even further to an impressive 69%.  This takes the game out of the barely playable 38FPS territory, and puts it into the mid 60FPS.  Very nice.


The last game we'll take a look at this time around is Serious Sam 2.  This game has beautiful rich environments and runs quite well on a number of systems.  Because of the diversity of maps, we ran three separate maps and two different resolutions.  To get everything to make sense on a graph, we used a couple.  The image quality and detail settings are the same at both resolutions - Max Quality, Medium AA, and 4x AF.  We opted out of High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting in order to keep the game playable on the 6600GT.

Click For A Larger Chart
Click For a Larger Chart

The 7600GT CO owns this game compared to the older 6600GT.  At stock speeds the 7600GT CO will render the game 74%-85% faster than the 6600GT.  Overclocking gives us another couple FPS or 5%.  Not a bad show at 1024x768.

Click For A Larger Chart
Click For a Larger Chart

All I can say from the above chart is "Wow."  At higher resolutions, the 7600GT CO from eVGA widens the gap to an amazing 97% improvement in performance over the 6600GT.  All this performance for only about $50 more than a 6600GT.  Truly the 7600GT is a worthy card for your money.


This conclusion won't really take long.  The 7600GT CO from eVGA rocks.  It's clocked faster than a standard 7600GT by a mere 20MHz on the core, but manages a 100MHz increase on the memory.  Even with it overclocked out-of-the-box, there is still a bit of room to run.  This card is priced to move, and it can run many of today's games at very respectable resolutions with good image quality.  If you don't have a ton of cash and want to enjoy some fun games, you really ought to consider the 7600GT.


  • Excellent Performance / Price ratio.
  • Small card fits in virtually any system.
  • 90nm process runs cool and doesn't require massive cooling.
  • Overclocked From eVGA & covered by warranty.


  • Fan a little loud when running 3D applications and games.
  • No software bundle.

Here's the full breakdown:



BCCHardware.com Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.2


I'm not knocking the score too much for the lack of software as most software and games included with graphics cards are already owned by the person who just bought the card.  Useless software is useless, and it's better to sell a card for a few dollars less that doesn't come with software rather than jack the price to pay for a redundant software bundle.

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