WBK38 Mod

I did this mod on my WBK38 to help world noise pollution.

First, a classic look at the WBK:

This is a great performing HSF with just one drawback - noise. I used to not mind it at all, until my cpu popped and I was without my computer for about two months. During that time, I was using my wife's rig with a Duron 800 and much quieter cooling.

I got my rig back, flipped it on, and new that something had to change. I couldn't afford a new hsf so I had to make this one work. . . but how?

Thanks to D-man, who had a couple of volcano fans kicking around, I did this little number:

The fan on the left is my Delta 38, and the fan on the right is the Volcano fan. For most things, I just run the Volcano fan. When needed however, I can flip on the Delta with the Baybus on my rig, the Zeusbox.

Now when I have to endure the 7000rpm fan, it is only for a short time, or when I have my headphones up really loud. heh.