Wife's Rig Rev.1 & 2

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Wife's Rig Rev.1 & 2
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This shows what can be done on a limited budget. The first phase of this case mod cost me approx. $50.00 in parts.

This is the rig I built for my wife after she outgrew the Xenabox. We tried to upgrade the mobo in that one, and it wouldn't fit, unless we let the cdrom hang out of the front bay. Um. No.  I didn't do anything really fancy with this case, yet. I just added a couple of 120mm 12v Panaflow Quiet fans: one to the top (blowhole), and one behind the front bezel of the case at the bottom sucking in cool air.

Also I added two 80mm fans as well. One for intake on the side of the case, and the other exhausting out the typical case fan spot on the back.

The Baybus enables you to just switch on the 80mm fans, or the 120mm fans, or both. For most things the 80mm fans are enough, but when playing UT for 7 hours straight, the whole rig gets pretty warm, so my wife switches on all the fans to help keep her o/c Duron 800, and ASUS V7100 running nice and cool.

I decided to do something a little different with this Baybus. Along with the switches and LED's, I added a personal touch. A key on-off switch for the Baybus. Power to the Baybus in indicated by the amber led you see on the left. The key can shut off all power to the Baybus. Why?. . . Why not? heh

I've updated this rig, with some paint and a window.  Check out Rev.2 on the next page.