7300GT - Budget GPU or Not? - Test Setup and 3DMark Performance

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7300GT - Budget GPU or Not?
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Test Setup and 3DMark Performance
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Test Setup:

In this review we are using our Intel Pentium D 805 setup.  This will be the last graphics card review using this system, as it is being replaced with some faster hardware.

Testing Info:

We ran our Intel 805 Dual Core CPU at stock speed (2.66GHz) throughout this review as a 7300GT will likely be paired up with a mainstream rig and not an FX-62.  We ran a series of synthetic benchmarks as well as game benchmarks to compare the two graphics cards.  The system specs never changed when testing these three cards.  The benchmark results are a direct comparison of the 6600GT, 7300GT and the 7600GT.


Inno3D is not really known as a player in North America, but they've been around for quite a while and have a very good following in Europe and in Asia.  I didn't know what to expect when it came to overclocking, but we gave it a try.  We installed Coolbits 2.0 and used the auto detect setting as a baseline for overclocking.  Coolbits reported 551Mhz core and 1526MHz on the memory.  However, shortly after we overclocked the card it locked up the system.  After clocking back down, we could boot and load Windows, but even at stock speeds the graphics would artifact during 3DMark runs.  We clocked the card below default speeds to clear this up, but the card was pooched.  Inno3D was gracious enough to send us another card that they pre-tested before they sent it out.  This card will not overclock a single MHz.  Anything above stock speeds causes the screen to lock and Windows must be restarted.  We have no overclocked benchmarks as the card we used to complete the review cannot be clocked above stock speed - which is still much faster than many 7300GTs out there.

Synthetic Tests:

As this is the last graphics review on the Intel Pentium D 805 test system, we decided to stick with our old standard tests.  We started with the usual 3DMark series and the results are posted below for your viewing pleasure.





As you can see, the 7300GT sits right between the 6600GT and the 7600GT.  In the single card configuration that we used, the card score over 10,000 3DMark 2003 and gets an impressive 4660 in 3DMark05.  It scales well all across the board.

We'll take a look at game tests on the next page.