Pentium D vs Core 2 Duo - Tests: Real-World Apps

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Audio Conversion:

We used dBPowerAMP for this test and converted the audio tracks three different ways.  First, we took uncompressed WAV files and converted them to the lossless OGG format, then converted the OGG files to MP3.  Finally we converted the MP3 files back into WAV files.  We recorded the times below.

Audio Conversion
Audio Conversion

PhotoShop CS2:

This next benchmark shows how these two processors handle the task of real world Photoshop usage.  We used the file and set of actions from DriverHeaven.  This benchmark is a little involved to set up because it is a set of PhotoShop tasks that are timed using the built-in timer.  Click the chart below for a full-sized chart to see how these processors scale.

Photoshop Filters
Photoshop Filters

Ultima Online Server Test:

This next test was brought to me by JayMo and was quite interesting to see.  This test is an Ultima Online Server script that parses over 200MB of XML files and loads the Ultima Online server.  This test is purely mathematical and shows how well each CPU can handle raw data.  This server script is generally used on hefty Dual Opteron servers as each server can host 2000+ players.  We'll see how a desktop chip can handle the task.

XML & Server Load
XML & Server Load

In these first few tests, the Core 2 Duo is dominating more than I thought it would.  When it comes to Audio Encoding we see a performance lead anywhere from 52% to 98% over the faster clocked Pentium D.  In Photoshop CS2, we see an average performance lead of 59% on the Core 2 Duo system, and when it comes to XML parsing and server load times, the Pentium D trails by an embarrassing 87%.

We will carry on with our application testing and see if the Pentium D can make up any ground when it comes to video encoding and file compression.