The "XenaBox"

I modded this rig for my wife. It has a celly 300a on an Abit BH6 that I got from my good buddy Nicao. It was my wife's Unreal Tournament rig. Her handle was Xena so I gave her a case that rocked!

As things go, and people ?need to? upgrade, this in now my Linux firewall and Unreal Tournament server.

This is a really small case that was extremely cheap, so it was hard to make everything work just right. This is what I did:

First, I cut out the "Xena" logo. Behind I glued some 5mm plexi.

Next, I shortened, rounded and loomed all of the power and IDE cables in the case. This was done for greater airflow which is needed because the inside of this case is very cramped.

Airflow inside this case was not done in the usual fashion. Most people use 12v fans that they can plug into the mobo. When I modded this case, I didn't have any 12v fans handy, but a buddy of mine, Fujitsu, had some 120v fans. Oh yeah, this is where real modding comes in!

I had to open up the power supply and splice into the switched side of the 120v to run the Baybus. The Baybus consists of two SPST switches and two 120v mini neon lamps. It is completely removable as well.

These two fans produce over 150cfm of airflow each so the Celly running overclocked @ 450Mhz is no problem.

Custom paint and case lighting are probably two of the most important things. These can either make or break a case-mod. The paint on the XenaBox really goes well with the case lighting.

For case lighting I went cheap. I already had 120v in the case so I just cut some extra length off some Christmas lights. heh. Simple, yet very effective.  You be the judge.