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This is my case. I got it in Calgary for $75.00. It came with a 250watt power supply. Not bad.

What I am hoping to show on the next few pages will create some unrest in you as you see how amazing a computer can look; never mind the awesome gear you have inside.

One of the primary reasons I started to mod my case was because it got very warm inside. My inside case temp would climb into the high 20C's and even into the low 30C's. It doesn't really matter how good of a HSF you have, if it is trying to cool the processor with already hot air, you won't gain much.

Now that I've modded this baby, I'm seeing inside case temps the same as room temperature. My 1.4GHz Athlon AYHJA processor generally stays around the 36-40C range. Before all my modding, I could expect to see, high 40's, and even low 50's. Not good. Now it is much better.