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Here are some pics of my case now that it's customized. It's hard to believe that this is the same case that is on the previous page . . . I assure you that it is.

If you have visited my old site, you will notice some things have changed on my case. First, it is darker. I repainted with a better quality paint, as the other paint was getting quite scratched up from packing my rig to LAN parties. Second, my Baybus in now in a 5.25" bay instead of the 3.5". I had to do this because I had redesigned my Baybus. The old Baybus included three switches: one for front intake, one for side fans, and one for rear exhaust. This Baybus also has those switches, plus a switch for backlight case lighting, one for an extra heatsink fan, and a momentary DPDT switch for power on - reset.

The Baybus is enclosed in an old cdrom case, and all connections to it are done through a speaker terminal. This is done so that the Baybus can be removed and used in another system if required.

Here is a close-up shot of my Baybus:

The three switches on the left are SPST that operate fans and super bright LED's. The next switch is for case lighting, and is indicated by a green led when on, and an amber led when off. The next switch is for my HSF, and is also indicated by green-on, and amber-off. The farthest switch on the right is my fav. This switch is to power on my computer when switched up, and to reset when switched down.

I also still have my headphone and mic jacks on the front of my case. These are also incorporated into the cdrom case and can be quickly removed.

I added an oversized fan to the rear of my case to exhaust all of the hot air that this rig produces. The rear fan is a Sunon 120mm 98cfm fan. I also have an Enermax 431watt dual fan psu exhausting hot air. I need some serious case cooling for the hardware I have inside. My rigs specs: 1.4Ghz T-bird @ 1.533 GHz, 256Mb PC133 cas2 Micron ram, 24x10x40x Aopen burner, Toshiba 16x48x DVD. 40GB Maxtor Diamond Max+ ATA100 HD, 1.1GB WesterDigital HD. MSI GeForce2Ti 64MB @ 266/450 (will be modding to all copper cooler, expect speeds to increase), S3Trio (dual monitor support), SBLive!5.1, USR Hardware Modem, DLink 538+TX nic.

All of this gear produces over 150 watts of heat! That's like having two 75watt light bulbs in a tin box and not expecting the box to get warm! Not gonna happen, that why I mod. heh.

This is my case prior to having a window: not bad. It is sleek, stylish, but, hmmm, it is lacking something. . .

Ahh, that's better. Decals and plexi, what a perfect way to top off a rocking case!