Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter - Setup, Testing and Conclusion

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Plextor Wireless Projector Adapter
Software and Setup
Setup, Testing and Conclusion

Hardware Setup:

To set up more features and options you can directly connect your computer to the PX-PA15AW using a network cable.  You will have to manually set your network IP to a 192.168.168.x IP and then open a web browser and connect to the device at  You will be greeted by a login page and must enter the username and password to continue.

Once you're "inside" of the device, the first screen that you'll see is a General and LAN Status page.  There is also a WLAN status page as well.  These give you the lowdown on what is going on, and how the adapter is set up.

General Status
 General Status

WLAN Status
 WLAN Status

Once you've taken a look at the status you can head into the Set-Up section and actually change the default network SSID, Network Type, Authentication Mode, Channel, and Transmit Rate and even add or remove support for 802.11a/b/g networks.  If you are still a believer in WEP security, you can choose to enable it and set up your keys as well.

WLAN Setup
 WLAN Setup

Security Setup
 Security Setup

Almost every way you want to customize the setup of the PX-PA15AW is possible either through the software setup on the previous page or by directly setting up the hardware as just mentioned above.  This device will be very functional across many different situations.

Wireless Projecting:

So you've just purchased the Projector Adapter and you take it to a meeting where other people would like to use it as well.  The problem is, you don't have internet directly available and other people don't have the software installed.  The beauty of the PX-PA15AW is that the software can be downloaded directly from the projector adapter itself.  You will have to connect an Ethernet cable to the device itself, but inside the web-based control panel is a download link for the software.  Although you will need a key to get it working fully, you have the software available.

Onboard Software
Onboard Software


A wireless network is capable of transmitting large amounts of data, but Plextor states that the PX-PA15AW can only produce "Up To 15FPS".  This is not due to the network speed, but rather the processor that converts the wireless signal to actual video.  For PowerPoint and some animations the wireless projector adapter did a fantastic job.  If you're dreaming of wirelessly broadcasting video, fast animations or Winamp visualizations, you'll be a little disappointed.  The device cannot play back video smoothly even when you choose 800x600 and 16-bit color.

That being said, I cannot fault the product for this.  Plextor claims it can only do 15FPS and it can certainly achieve that.  For video playback to look smooth you need at least 25FPS and better still 30FPS.

Clone Without Wires


The PX-PA15AW does everything that Plextor claims and does it so easily that virtually anyone can figure it out.  You don't have to be a computer geek or a tech-head to make this work.  Plug in into your projector and fire up the software.  Done.  I applaud Plextor for ensuring that you'll always have the software available by storing in on the Projector Adapter itself.  Although in some ways I'm a little disappointed with the low FPS of this unit as I can't stream video to the projector, I'll admit that my expectations were higher than the products specs.


  • Wireless Projector Adapter for Everyone!
  • Very simple to set up and use.
  • Video quality equals direct connect video.
  • Supports 802.11a/b/g network.


  • 15FPS is a little slow for some applications.
  • Only 3 Keys are provided for 3 users to connect to the device.

Overall, we were quite impressed in this unit.  I've already had quite a few people interested in this product as I've shown it around a fair bit.  If you are planning on a big presentation and can't run 100' VGA cable to a projector, you can't go wrong with this unit. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 8.8


I'd like to send a special thanks to Plextor for sending this unit up to us.  I have a meeting that I really needed it for and they were happy to send it up for us to test out and use.

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