MSI P965 Neo-F For Core 2 Duo - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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MSI P965 Neo-F For Core 2 Duo
Board Layout - Up Close
Very Standard BIOS - Lean on Tweaking
Test Setup and Early Benchmarks
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Game Performance and Benchmarking
Game Benchmarking - Continued...
Overclocking the P965 Neo-F
Final Thoughts and Conclusion


The MSI P965 Neo-F motherboard is a very solid motherboard for the price.  It packs the latest features and some pretty solid performance without breaking the bank.  It appears that this board will even support the upcoming Core 2 Quad "Kentsfield" processor with a BIOS flash.  That's pretty cool stuff for a $130 motherboard.

Things that stand out about this board are the nice layout, add-on JMicron IDE/SATA controller as well as some High Definition Audio.  While the High Definition Audio doesn't spec as good as an Audigy X-Fi, most users won't be able to hear a difference with their $99 pair of Logitech X-530 speakers.  The board has plenty of options for overclocking your memory, including voltage of up to 2.4v, but unfortunately, the tweaking pretty much stops there.

Overall, the only thing that stands out that I'd change about this board is the ability to tweak and overclock more.  That being said, as it stands the board is 100% stable at stock and overclocked settings that we used.  It has ran for over 2 weeks at full load with zero issues.  If MSI tweaked out the board to the max, they would probably have to sacrifice some stability for the extra performance and at the end of the day I'd rather have a system that ran a little slower and remain stable over a system that ran a wee bit faster, but crashed occasionally.

We'll break it down into the good and the bad below.


  • Nice board layout.
  • Supports UDMA on IDE with the JMicron controller.
  • HD Audio & GB Ethernet.
  • Very Stable throughout testing.
  • Supports Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad through a BIOS flash.


  • Poor overclocking ability.
  • CPU load a little high on GB ethernet transfers. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.1



This motherboard is a nice little package that will get you up and running with your brand-new Core 2 Duo system.  It may not have the best tweaking features, but with the liberal voltage adjustment on the memory, you should be able to run pretty much any memory that you like.  Overall, it is rock solid and a recommended pick from BCCHardware.

I'd like to thank MemoryExpress for firing this board over for a review and also for their patience while we got some harvesting done on the farm.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback regarding this review, please feel free to post it in the forum at the comments link below.