LG Super Multi DVD Writer 16x16x10 DVD +/-RW GSA-H10N

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LG Super Multi DVD Writer 16x16x10 DVD +/-RW GSA-H10N
A Look at DVD Performance
A Look at CD Performance


Product(s): LG GSA-H10N 16x DVD/CD Rewriter
Provided By: Memory Express
Price: ~$37.95 CDN (Memoryexpress.com)

First Impressions:

Pulling this drive out of the box wasn't terribly exciting, this drive looks like every other DVD/CD Burner on the market today. This is a very inexpensive drive, and is one of the cheapest priced drives on the market right now. With that being said, I'm not expecting any "Mind-Blowing" performance or anything, I'm just more interested to see what kind of performance this drive is capable of.

This drive comes bundled with a software package including: PowerDVD, PowerProducer, Nero Express, In CD and Acrobat Reader. This is definately enough software to get the average user up and going. It would have been nice to have a full version of Nero, however at the sub-$40.00 price range its understandable that a full version is not included.

Test System:

  • AMD Athlon 64 3200+
  • Asus A8V Deluxe
  • 2 x 120 gig Western Digital (8 MB Cache) in RAID 0 (Promise PDC20378 Raid Controller)
  • 2 x 250 gig Maxtor (16 MB Cache) in RAID 0 (VIA VT8237 Raid Controller)
  • 4 x 512 mb PC3200 Kingston Memory
  • ATI Radeon x850 XT
  • Enermax 465 Watt PS


A screenshot from InfoTool showing compatible media

LG GSA-H10N Specifications:


DVD-ROM: SL: 6.6x-16x(CAV) - DL: 5x-12x(CAV)
DVD+/-RW: 5.4x-13x(CAV)
DVD+/-R: SL: 6.6x-16x(CAV) - DL: 5x-12x(CAV)
DVD-VIDEO: 2.4x-8x(CAV)
DVD-RAM: Ver1.0: 2x(ZCLV) - Ver2.2: 2x,3x(ZCLV),5x,12x(PCAV)
CD-ROM/R: 20x-48x(CAV)
CD-RW: 17x-40x(CAV)


DVD-R: 2x,4x(CLV),8x(ZCLV/PCAV),16x(PCAV)
DVD-R DualLayer: 2x,4x,6x(CLV)
DVD-RW: 1x,2x,4x,6x(CLV)
DVD+R: 2.4x,4x(CLV),8x,12x(ZCLV/PCAV*),16x(PCAV)
DVD+R Double layer: 2.4x,4x(CLV),10x(ZCLV)
DVD+RW: 2.4x(CLV),4x,6x,8x(ZCLV)
DVD-RAM(Ver.2.2): 2x-5x: 2x,3x(ZCLV), 5x(PCAV), 6x-16x: 6x(CLV), 8x,12x(PCAV)
CD-R: 4x,8x,16x(CLV),48x(ZCLV)
CD-RW: MS:1,2,4x: 4x(CLV) - HS:4-10x: 10x(CLV) - US:8-32x: 16x(CLV),24x,32x(ZCLV)

ACCESS TIME: DVD-ROM: 145ms - CD-ROM: 125ms - DVD-RAM: 300ms
DATA TRANSFER RATE: CD: Max. 7.2MB/s - DVD: Max. 22.16MB/s
MOUNTING: Vertical and Horizontal
MTBF: 100,000 POH
SIZE (WxDxH): 148mm x 165mm x 41.3mm
Warrenty: One year

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