MSI K9N Platinum nForce 570 Ultra - Applications Benchmarks

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Application Benchmarks:

First up is ConvertXtoDVD.  This is a piece of software from VSO-Software that takes many popular compressed video formats and converts them to DVD.  This application is not yet multi-threaded, but it's a very popular program as it is easy to use and offers great quality conversion.

ConvertX to DVD

Overclocked performance offers a nice boost, and completes the conversion in almost 3x real-time.  Not bad for a single threaded app.  Once VSO makes this SMP we will see much better performance.

Next up on the conversion front is some audio conversion using dbPowerAMP.  We took a test package of WAV files and converted them to OGG Vorbis, then converted the OGG files to MP3.  Lastly we took the MP3 files and converted them back to WAV.  The results are pictures below.




When running the 4200+ X2 a bit faster than 5000+ X2 speeds, we see a nice little bump in performance over stock speeds.

We fired up the popular DivX package and converted a nice small DivX file using the Home Theatre Profile and the latest official build of the encoder - DivX 6.2.5.  The results are below.

DivX Encoding

Overclocking shaves off almost 20% in the DivX encoding benchmark.  Not a bad boost at all.

To balance the force we also took a look at Quicktime H.264 encoding.  This is a very efficient, high quality codec that takes a lot of CPU power to encode and decode.  Our stock and overclocked benchmarks numbers are pictured below.

Quicktime Encoding

We will continue our application benchmarks on the next page.