MSI K9N Platinum nForce 570 Ultra - Application Benchmarks - Continued...

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Application Benchmarks - Continued...
Game Performance and Benchmarking

Application Benchmarks (continued):

Photoshop is a very popular program that offers incredible image control and manipulation.  Photoshop's filters, texturizers and other utilities are very demanding on your system.  The MSI K9N Platinum offers very good performance with our system as you can see below.

Photoshop CS2 Bench

We saw a 16% improvement when overclocking the CPU on the K9N Platinum.  Not a huge performance increase, but 16% is better than nothing.

Many gamers today use their computers for much other than desktop applications and playing games.  They also use desktop systems to host game servers.  Game servers generally process large amounts of data such as XML, MySQL and more.  We use an Ultima Online server package to test out the performance of server load times.  Below are the results.

UltimaOnline Server Load

Our last application benchmark is a very popular application that many of us use on a weekly, if not daily basis.  It is file compression and decompression as handled by WinRAR.  We are creating a Zip file from over 10,000 small text, php, SQL and XML files.  A lot of compression is available with these types of files.  We compressed to a ZIP file using medium compression.

WinRAR File Compression

That's it for application benchmarks.  On the next page we'll jump into some game tests.