10th Anniversary PC2-5300 From Crucial - Benchmarking 10th Anniversary RAM

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10th Anniversary PC2-5300 From Crucial
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Benchmarking 10th Anniversary RAM


We ran our MSI K9N Platinum at stock speeds 2.2GHz at 200MHz x 11 at DDR2-667 settings.  To clock this up, we bumped up the FSB and ran the memory at DDR2-834.  We had to bump up the voltage from 2.2v to 2.35v to keep things stable.  We monitored the temperature of the modules and recorded 40.5C at stock speeds and 44.5C when running fully loaded.  Our test rig has very little airflow so the temperature looks very good for such high voltage.

Everest Chart
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Everest Ultimate scores show that this memory has excellent performance even at stock speeds.  When we overclock it an additional 25%, we gain more bandwidth.  25% is a very impressive overclock when you consider that we are running at CAS 3 at over 800MHz!!!

ScienceMark 2.0 Chart
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ScienceMark 2.0 is a little application that really stresses out the memory bus.  It has a built in benchmarking feature as well.  The numbers we see here reflect what we have seen in Everest Ultimate.  We gain a nice performance boost with our 25% overclock.  We actually see a 15% gain here instead of the 25% that we have clocked up.

Lastly we take a look at SiSoft Sandra 2007.  This is the latest release of the popular system analysis and benchmarking program.  Strangely we don't see the same performance increase with this benchmark that we do with the other tests.  I re-ran the test, but the results were consistent each time.  This is how it shapes up.

SiSoft Chart
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This memory is a very nice special addition to Crucial's excellent line of memory.  The embossed and machined heat spreaders really make this memory pop and appeal to more people than their regular modules with the gold heat spreaders.  As far as performance goes, it is downright incredible for PC2-5300.  This memory runs at 3-3-3-12 1T and offers very impressive bandwidth for the clock speed due to its tight timings.  Not only can it run that tight at stock speeds, it can also clock up to well over DDR2-800 and still keep the same timings!  This has pushed memory bandwidth close to 9GB/sec when running Everest Ultimate on our K9N Platinum Athlon 4200+ test system.  It performs like this with the processor only mildly overclocked!


  • Nice blue heat spreaders.
  • Tight memory timings for DDR2-667.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Crucial Lifetime warranty.


  • More expensive than the competition, but you get what you pay for.


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Even though I listed a "Con" as being more expensive than the competition, you really do get what you pay for.  This memory costs more than other memory, but it is worth the price as has exceptional performance.  There is a lot of "cheap" memory on the market, and I don't just mean inexpensive - I mean cheap.  When you buy Crucial memory, you don't get a cheap product.

I'd like to thank Crucial for dropping these modules our way for a review and also for the chocolate bar that we "reviewed" earlier.

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