Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 - The Overclockers Dream - Wrapping Things Up - Conclusion

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Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 - The Overclockers Dream
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Game Benchmarking Begins
Wrapping Things Up - Conclusion


The Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 "6 Quad" motherboard is a little difficult to sum up.  It is a great board that offers a ton of features, extras and great performance.  It comes with everything you need to set up a great system, and has performance that is just downright incredible.  It has an incredible amount of voltage adjustments, memory dividers and other options that let you tweak far beyond what your hardware can take.  Although it is nice to be able to put almost 2.4v through your CPU, I really don't recommend over-volting a 65nm processor a whole volt.  Once you combine all of these features with the fact that this board is quad-core ready (now with BIOS F6) and that it supports Quad displays through two long PCIe graphics slots, you know it has a lot to give.  I also applaud Gigabyte for using all solid state capacitors on this board as it will provide greater stability and longer lifespan than older conventional capacitors.

The difficulty in summing up this board lies in its price.  It is priced in the high-end 975X Crossfire range, but doesn't fully support Crossfire.  Even if ATi and Intel make a deal and enable full Crossfire support, the PCIe layout is 16x for the top slot and 4x for the bottom slot.  In some situations, this will bottleneck the link and hamper performance.  If you want all solid capacitors and don't want to spend as much money, Gigabyte also offers the 965P-DS4 that offers many of the features of the DQ6.  If offers the same heatpipe cooler, 8 SATA, two long PCIe slots and all solid capacitors for about $80 less.  The only thing it is missing is the 12 Phase power circuit.

While the Gigabyte 965P-DQ6 is a great board with great features and offers excellent tweakability and stability, it is overpriced in my opinion.  This is how it shapes up.


  • Excellent bundle with many extra (incl. 2 eSATA).
  • Good layout.
  • Lots of SATA ports.
  • All Solid Capacitors.
  • 12 Phase Power.
  • Very stable throughout testing.
  • Excellent overclocking features.


  • Priced too steep for a 965P based motherboard. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.3


Although this board is a tremendous board - one of the best 965P motherboards on the market, it is priced a little high for many people.  This will keep it out of the cases of all but the most hardened tweakers that demand 12 Phase power for stability.

I'd like to send a huge thanks to MemoryExpress for letting us take a look at this board.  It was fun to see what our little E6600 could do on air without burning anything up.  I'm sure we could take things further and faster, but like Seekers signature states "If you find yourself upside down and on fire, you've just discovered the meaning of too fast."

Please post any comments, questions and feedback in the forum at the comments link below.  Who knows if you quiz me enough about this board - they may just have to give it to me to keep so I can answer more of your questions! ;-)