MSI 975X Platinum V.2 PowerUp Ed. - Game Tests and Conclusion

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Game On:

We used the MSI 965P Neo-F for comparison and ran a bunch of benchmarks on the following games.  For the most part, we'll let the charts speak for themselves.

Battlefield 2142
Battlefield 2142






As you can see above, a simple motherboard swap doesn't increase your gaming experience a whole bunch.  A couple of games exhibit a noticeable performance improvement with the 975X motherboard, but games like Prey and G.R.A.W. don't show a noticeable improvement in game.  When overclocked, this board yields greater potential, but nothing to really write home about.


The 975X Platinum v.2 PowerUp Edition motherboard from MSI really surprised me.  I knew I was getting a board that supported Core 2 Duo CPU's and offered the benefit of two PCIe 16x slots (both run at 8x when Crossfire is used), but I really hadn't expected anything amazing in terms of performance.  When it came to overclocking, I expected poor results due to the lack of tweaking features in the BIOS.  I was wrong and we managed to get 356Mhz (1424Mhz Quad Pumped) FSB rock stable with this board.  In the end, this has been one of the fastest boards we've looked at to date, and will set the new standard for motherboard comparisons.  This 975X board is priced must lower that the 965P-DQ6 motherboard from Gigabyte, and offers excellent performance, quality, and stability when running your hardware far beyond spec.


  • Excellent performance with passive cooling.
  • Overclocks well even with few tweaking options.
  • Supports Crossfire and/or two PCIe 16x Graphics Cards.
  • Solid 975X chipset is VIIV ready.
  • Two IDE Channels support 4 IDE devices (many of today's boards only support 2 IDE devices)
  • Well priced for a high-end board.


  • Few overclocking options limit the potential of this board.
  • BIOS is a bit flaky with memory ratios. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.2


This board has been a pleasure to use and we've come to like the dual PCIe 16x Slots very much.  This allows you to run Crossfire or even four displays with a couple of graphics cards.  For the high-end gamer that doesn't tweak to the limit, this is an excellent board.  If you have plans to build a nice Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad system in the future, this board deserves a look as it offers excellent performance and features and is priced much cheaper than other high quality 975X or nForce 680i chipset based boards.

I'd like to thank MemoryExpress for cutting us a deal on this board and for supporting us with some great hardware.  I'd also like to continue to extend our thanks to Crucial for supplying our test rig with fast memory.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the comments link below.  Thanks!