CES - Arrived And Ready

Heading Out: 

On The Way Fujitsu and I arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday at about 4:45pm.  The flight from Calgary Alberta to Salt Lake City, Utah was quite uneventful and was full of a mixed bag of travelers.  The male passengers from Salt Lake to Vegas were mostly CES goes, and you can tell that Fujitsu and I are not seasoned CES'ers.  We had a bit of fun until things turned a little sour.  A guy directly across the aisle from us was having heart trouble and spewed all over the window.  By the time things cleared out of the airplane and took this guy away by paramedic, we missed the Keynote from Microsoft and Bill Gates.

Fortunately we had our trusty Howdy there ahead of us and he was able to take in the entire conference.  His coverage will be up very soon as he was able to record audio of the whole event.  He shared some interesting stuff about Vista Live, XBOX Live and more.  Stay tuned for a full article on that subject.

Before The Madness:

While Fujitsu and I waited around, we decided to head on over and check out the booth setup at the Sands.  People were very willing to let us tour around and get a sneak peek at what is about to hit the world tomorrow.  Some companies such as Lian Li had their booths shrouded so that you couldn't see what was inside.  They will be something to watch for sure.

Below is a little picture of the venue virtually empty while companies finish the setup.  It's the only time CES will be calm this year.

CES Empty

 Until tomorrow and the madness begins.