CES - Jason "Fujitsu" Schneider - Day 3

Day 3 was another busy day, we only had a few meetings left, but ended up stopping by alot of other booths and exhibits. Today we met with a few memory manufacturers (Team, Patriot and Super Talent), as well as a few other big names (Silverstone, Jabra and X-Micro) as well as a bunch of other smaller companies. Overall it was yet another very productive day, and we made alot more great contacts.

We also were invited to a dinner this evening at the Belagio with Super Talent Memory (MA Labs), which was very cool, it was definitely high-class, and had some amazing food and no expense was spared. We almost felt a little out of place, but had a great time and got to meet some very interesting people, all in all, it was a great way to end the day (did I mention the food was amazing?). 

A couple other neat things we saw today was the LG 100" LCD display. An interesting thing about this TV was that if you look close you can see one side looks a little different from the other, I'm not TV expert, but it looks like they've tried to combine two separate displays side-by-side, and in a picture like this it looks very obvious, in other pictures I took the difference from side-to-side is not noticeable, but in this it definitely is.


LG 100" LCD 
 Not to be outdone by LG, Samsung has released a 102", which makes the LG 100" look tiny (Ok, they both are absolutely massive). The Samsung had an incredible image, even at that huge size, and I want one. (If anyone from Samsung is reading this, please e-mail me for where you can deliver my free unit to). Its really amazing to see how large these displays can be, yet still maintain amazing picture.


Samsung 102" Plasma

Anyways, todays recap from me will be a little bit shorter than the other nights, with the Super Talent dinner we got back a bit later, and 3 days of non-stop walking and late nights of typing is catching up to all of us.



We stopped by the Jabra booth to check out some of their new products, and they were nice enough to squeeze us in for a press meeting where we were able to check out all of the new Jabra products. Jabra is perhaps best known for making bluetooth headsets, but also has other very interesting audio products for more than just cell phones. Jabra has been nice enough to set all three of us up with some products (which I will highlight below), and we will be posting up reviews of all three of these products in the very near future.

Jabra BT620s - This is Jabra's stereo bluetooth headset, and is one of the first that have been released. This allows you to use your phone or bluetooth enabled mp3 player with a full stereo headset. This headset weighs 3 1/2 ounces, and has approximately 14 hours of playback (16 hours of talk time) on a single charge (charge takes 2 hours). A very nice features is this headset operates on 2 different channels, so if your listening to some music on the headset on one channel and then all of a sudden a call comes in on your bluetooth enabled cellphone, it will mute the music and allow you to take the phone call. We were very impressed with this item and look forward to putting it though some of your own tests and see how it performs, make sure to check back for a full review.

Jabra BT620s Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Jabra A120s - This is Jabra's Bluetooth Music Adaptor, basically it is a device that plugs into any music player and enables you to use it with a Bluetooth headset. It charges off USB and provides 10 hours of playback. 

Jabra A120s Bluetooth Music Adaptor

Jabra BT325s - This is Jabra's Dual-Connection Bluetooth headset. This unit plugs in with a cable into your favorite MP3 player, but also has built-in Bluetooth connection with your cell phone, so if your jamming away to your brand new Britney Spears tracks and you get an important phone call, it will allow you to mute the music and take the call, then go right back to your music without having to change headsets.

Jabra 325s Dual-Connection Headset


In addition Jabra has released alot of other great products, including a iPod Bluetooth adapter, Jabra C820s noise-canceling headphones (not released yet), and we even have some pictures of a next generation sliding Bluetooth headset (to be announced in the future).


Jabra A125s iPod Bluetooth Adapter

Jabra Bluetooth Headset with Landline Adapter

Jabra BT320s

Unreleased Sliding Headset - Back Closed

Unreleased Sliding Headset - Back Open

Unreleased Sliding Headset - Front Open

Jabra C820s

Jabra C820s

Unreleased Sliding Headset - Front Closed