CopyToDVD Ver.3 - The Perfect Sequel?

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CopyToDVD Ver.3 - The Perfect Sequel?
Copy Features, Tools, Help and Conclusion

Product: CopyToDVD 3
Provided By: VSO-Software

I had originally released this review using what I believed to be the latest version that VSO-Software had supplied me with. I was mistaken. The original review was of a pre-release beta that was labeled version, and the updated areas of this review will be of the latest build, version Most of the features are the same, however the updated sections will be labeled by being printed in italics. The following is merely a revision of the original review. There are a few noteworthy differences though, so I encourage you to read on.

Back in December, I got a chance to take a look at Copy2DVD Ver. 2.x. I was quite impressed with the product, as it added a "Right Click To Burn" solution for other OS's than Windows XP. It packed powerful settings, and carried with it a simple plain interface.

Since then, VSO-Software has been busy working on their next installment to Copy2DVD. This version is much more pretty, and coupled with BlindWrite, it offers a total solution package. From Data Backups, Media (CD/DVD) Backups, Audio Compilation, or just general CD Burning, Copy2DVD 3 can handle it all. How well it can handle it is another question however. Continue on to take a look at the new Copy2DVD and what it offers.

Upon firing up Copy2DVD for the first time, you'll no doubt be surprised at the interface changes. The previous version, was very simple and didn't offer a wide variety of functionality. Things have certainly changed here.

At the main screen you have the option to select from Data, Audio, Movie & Pictures, as well as Copy functions. You also have some handy tools available as well as a help section. (In the current version the help file will need to be downloaded separately.)

All thumbs are clickable BTW.

In all honesty, I'm not a big fan of "pretty" interfaces. I loath Nero Vision Express, and the "Start Smart" screen. Generally, these interfaces seem too 'dumbed down' and actually make things harder instead of easier. I do however like the interface of Copy2DVD 3. It is very simple, easy to use, and is set up very logically. So let's take a tour through the functions. . .

Quite simply, you have two basic choices. You can either create a Data CD/DVD, or choose to schedule a backup. Choosing the Create Data CD/DVD brings up a simple file explorer (Copy2DVD Manager) where you can simply drag and drop files to your compilation. You have the options to rename your disc and adjust settings as much as you like. Very straightforward.


Choosing to Schedule a Backup will bring up a Backup Scheduling Window where you can easily add files, choose how often to backup, and give the backup a specific name. Handy program for sure. Now you have no excuses for losing your data when you hose your machine. Click the pics below to see the backup screenshots.



Backups couldn't be simpler!

No CD Burning software would be complete without the ability to burn audio CD's. VSO's Copy2DVD goes a step further than that and allows you to play your music using a built-in media player. It is definitely not a replacement for WinAMP, but it does allow you to make sure that you are choosing the right tunes to stick on your CD.

 -  -
The "Manage Music" button activates a launcher that allows you to choose from a selection of compatible installed media managers. If a compatible one isn't available, you can click a link to download an appropriate plug-in. If you have a media manager installed you can check it to be lauched by default instead of viewing the list. This is just another way that VSO is trying to prove their worthyness as an all-in-one Optical media burning solution.

Movies & Pictures:
Moving down the list of buttons we come now to the "Movie & Pictures" section. Under this section we have only two choices: Write DVD-Video from Hard Disk, or Copy DVD Video. The later choice allows you to choose from a list of compatible DVD-Video ripping programs. . . such as DVD Shrink. If you don't have any installed, you may download more by clicking on the appropriate link.

I am impressed though at how simple it is to burn DVD-Movies with Copy2DVD. If you have edited a home video and have exported the file to an *.IFO, all you have to do is select it and you're ready to burn. If you have previously backed up a movie, the same thing applies, point to the IFO and you're good to go.

I'm quite pleased to see that VSO has incorporated some of the most popular DVD Ripping plugin's into their program. Many, many people use DVD-Shrink and I am quite please to see that it is compatible. Backing up your DVD Movies just got a little easier. I understand that VSO doesn't include DVD ripping software into their program due to copyright laws, but they have made it easy to obtain rippers. Good show.