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If there is one thing that every gamer could agree on, it would be that you need a good mouse surface. I'm sure the majority of BCCHardware readers have thrown that old cloth mouse pad that came with their computer in the trash by now, and have moved onto a higher quality mouse pad.

There are many different options for mousing surfaces, but NOIDpad (NO.IDENTITY Pads) is a company that claims to be better than the competition. Here is as except from their website:

The past few years I have worked for one of the bigger mouse pad brands in gaming. During this period I have, both as a sponsor and as a gamer, met and talked with hundreds - if not thousands of other gamers about mouse pads. I have listened, tried, compared and learned. 

Based on this experience I have now started to manufacture my own mouse pads. They are not like the competition - they are better. I know that there is not one pad that is best for all but if you like hybrid pads like I do and if you like a really good glide then I can tell you that there is no hybrid pad that glides better than the NOIDpad, guaranteed! 

If you also value the possibility to design your own mouse pad the choice is easy. You simply cannot get a better mouse pad than the NOIDpad anywhere with your design on.

Try us.

Gustaf 'Foxy' Hertsius




NOIDpad was nice enough to send us a custom BCCHardware NOID Custom, which features the BCCHardware logo. Lets get on with the testing and see if this mousepad is going to be the last one you ever buy...

First Impressions


When I first received my NOIDpad, I was immediately impressed with the packaging, NOIDpads come in a cardboard tube, which effectively eliminates getting your NOIDpad totally mangled by the mail system. Sure packaging really plays no part in the performance of a mousepad, but its nice to see they thought about packaging a little, and its nice to have a tube that you can throw your mousepad back in when your headed to the next Lan Party.

NOIDpad Cardboard Shipping Tube

As soon as I pulled the mouspad out of its tube, I was impressed with the size of the mouse pad. This mouse pad is huge! (length = 400mm, width = 280mm). It took me a couple minutes to clear enough desk space (my desk is a mess, but I know EXACTLY where everything is), anyways, at first you might think this pad is a little too big, but I personally am all over the place when I'm playing games, and quite regularily run my mouse right off the mouse pad.

I'll add a little bit of a story that really doesn't have anything to do with the NOIDpad that I'm reviewing, but its interesting. A few days ago when we were at CES 2007 in Las Vegas, we had the chance to see FATAL1TY (World Champion Gamer) play some Quake 3 against willing participants. To make a long story short, in the 2 hours he played (4 minute matches), FATAL1TY did not die once, in fact, I heard people cheer when a guy got lucky enough to take his health all the way down to 40, he was that good. Anyways, it was neat to see someone that good play, but it was also neat to hear him talk about some of the gear he uses (everyone wants to know how he gets an edge). One of the things he touched on was his mousing surface, he said back when he started he would use your regular mouse pads, but after a few hours his wrist would get numb because it had been resting on the front edge of his desk. He started to look for an alternative, and now he uses is a gaming mat (much like the NOIDpad), that has alot of surface area, so he can actually hang the edge of the mat over the front edge on his desk, therefore giving his wrist some padding, and allowing him to play for longer periods of time. I tried this with the NOIDpad, and it definitely works, not that I normally game for hours upon hours, but its nice to have a little extra padding, plus it came straight from FATAL1TY, and he's the best, so hopefully it makes me just as good. Thats right, you can call me FUJ1TAL1TY. Ok, enough with that story, back to the review....


NOIDpad CUSTOM Specifications

The Pad
Front View
Back View
Back View

Back View w/ NOID no-friction tape

Bottom-Right Corner


NOIDpads come with a 20cm NOID no-friction tape strip. This is to be used on the bottom of your mouse for even greater gliding.

Specifications from

Short facts:
Pad size:
Thickness: 3.5 or 1.35 mm
Top: The NOID polymer coating on cloth for unsurpassed glide
Bottom: Black natural rubber for grip

Tested with the following mice with full functionality:
MX510, G1
Razer: Diamondback, Copperhead