NOIDpad Custom - Testing Information and Conclusion

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NOIDpad Custom
Testing Information and Conclusion
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Test Specs

For the testing of the NOIDpad, I have used 4 different types of mice. 2 mice were corded, and the other 2 were cordless.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless (Logitech MX 5000 Desktop)
Logitech V200 Cordless Notebook Mouse
Generic Ball-Mouse (KeyMouse)
Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse

Test Setup (Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse Not Pictured)

The MX Laser Mouse retails for approx $70-80 CDN, the Logitech V200 Cordless retails for $25-40 CDN, the Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse retails for $15-30 and is a pretty standard optical mouse, and Generic KeyMouse is worth no more than $2.00 and is normally a freebie.

Testing Conclusion

Testing of the NOIDpad Custom was very easy. I tried 4 different mice (Ball, Optical, and Laser), and each one performed very well on this pad.

The ball mouse I used was the cheapest mouse I could find, its normally a throw-in when you buy a used computer or something. Everyone who has a ball mouse knows you need a good mouse pad, otherwise your overall performance of your mouse is going to suffer greatly. Most people have moved away from ball mice, but there are still a select few who do use them, and they will be very impressed with the performance of this mat with a ball mouse.

The 2 optical mice I used (corded Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse, and cordless Logitech V200), also performed very well. I had no complaints with either mouse on the NOIDpad. The NOIDpad definitely improved the tracking of both optical mice.

The Laser mouse that I used (Logitech MX Laser) also performed very well. This is a mouse that I've used alot in the past, and is my current choice for my main system. I normally just use the top of my desk without a mouse pad since a laser mouse has very good tracking on most surfaces, but after using the NOIDpad I definitely could get used to using a mouse pad again.

All 4 mice provided great performance on the NOIDpad, I didn't notice any skipping while using any of the mice.