Samsung 193P Review - Final Thoughts

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Samsung 193P Review
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I thought that I would be heartbroken to go back to my CRT after testing the 193P, but truth be told I was actually kind of happy.  I found the color to be a bit washed out compared to my CRT, but that could be because I had to turn the brightness down. Also I didn't really like the decision to remove all buttons from the monitor. Adjusting the monitor using Magic Tune should be an option but I would prefer that it wasn't the only way.  The manual could certainly use some more work, especially in regard to Magic Tune. This information also needs to be in the quickstart guide. However there were good points for this monitor as well.  The construction was the best I have ever seen in an LCD, and the styling is akin to a piece of art. Its just too bad the rest of the monitor didn't do as well.


  • Great Construction
  • Looks Awesome
  • Comes with all the cables needed
  • Great for movies


  • Color looked a bit washed out to me
  • No buttons
  • To slow for fast gaming

Lets hope that Samsung keeps working on this design and makes the changes necessary to make this display as good on the inside as it is on the outside.

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Daniel "Nicao" Guenter