Athlon 64 6000+ X2 - Dual Core at 3GHz - Synthetic CPU Testing

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Synthetic CPU Tests:

We carry on the testing with some synthetic CPU benchmarks such as SiSoft's CPU Arithmetic and Multimedia benchmarks as well as Cinebench.

SiSoft - Arithmetic
Higher is Better


 SiSoft - Multimedia
Higher is Better


Higher is Better


The X2 6000+ managed to hold it's own and even take the lead at stock speeds in the SiSoft CPU Arithmetic benchmark.  When both systems are overclocked, the Core 2 Duo takes the lead.  In the CPU Multimedia benchmark the Intel processor walks away from AMD and the 6000+ is left crying in a silicon haze.  Cinebench once again shows the AMD processor with an advantage at stock speeds and shows it lag when both CPU's are overclocked.  The results actually surprised me as I expected the E6600 to dominate all of these synthetic CPU related tests.  On the next page we'll cover the last of the synthetic CPU tests before we jump into some real-world applications.