4800+ Brisbane Overclocking - Brisbane 65nm and Test System

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4800+ Brisbane Overclocking
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The CPU:

The AMD Athlon 64 4800+ X2 Brisbane Core CPU looks virtually identical to previous AM2 processors.  Unless you know what the numbers on top of the heatspreader mean, you'd have a hard time telling that this CPU has a smaller die, uses less power and has less cache than the 4800+ Windsor.

4800+ X2 Brisbane
4800+ X2 Brisbane


For those of you that want to copy and paste the CPU code into Google for more info, you the number is: ADO4800IAA5DD - AAAIG 0647UPAW - 1552332K60023.


Test System:

In order to do some decent overclocking on this processor, we needed a better motherboard than our current nForce 570 Platinum MSI board.  We managed to rustle up another MSI board, but one that has a lot more headroom.  We used the MSI K9N Diamond and this board has plenty of voltage adjustments that let us take this processor to its limit.  Below are all the components we used in our setup:

Hardware Setup
Hardware Setup



On the next page we'll take a look at overclocking this processor and draw some final thoughts on the new 65nm AMD Dual-Core CPUs.