Largan Lmini-350 Review

A while back, Dallmann Computers gave me a Largan Lmini-350 digital camera to try out and review. Up until then, my digital camera experience could all be wrapped up in six words. "How does this work?" and "Oops, sorry."


The Lmini is a snap to use. You just point and shoot. Every time it is turned on, it defaults to the "auto-flash." It will flash indoors, but not likely outdoors. A quick review through the manual, and you learn how to delete the last picture, all pictures, turn the flash to "always on", or "always off", and change the resolution from high to low. All of this is done with just two buttons. Simple.

The image quality on the pictures is quite good for such an inexpensive camera. One thing I learned was that you don't need the flash that often. The CCD camera is very efficient at capturing light, even through such a small lens. The camera can store 33 images at high quality, and even more at lower quality. Not bad.

The software bundle that comes with the Largan Lmini is quite impressive. It contains the camera driver, Presto! Mr. Photo 1.5, and Presto! Photo Designer. With these you can capture all the pictures to your computer, organize, retouch, resize, and even morph them. Once your happy with your pictures, Mr. Photo lets you send them to email, printer, fax, and any other imaging software you have on your computer.

Setup was a snap. I stuck in the disk, clicked "okay" and "next" a few times, rebooted and done.

In conclusion, the Largan Lmini-350 is a very cost effective solution to get into the world of digital camera's. It comes with everything you need: carrying case, wrist strap, serial cable, and ac adapter. It's easy to use, and will make the perfect addition to anyone wanting to take a few snapshots, and email the pics to friends and family.