Viewsonic VX2035wm 20.1 inch Widescreen LCD

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Viewsonic VX2035wm 20.1 inch Widescreen LCD
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Product: Viewsonic VX2035wm 20in Widescreen LCD
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Price: $299.99 CDN (Memory Express)


Widescreen LCD's are becoming more and more popular, and also are becoming bigger and cheaper, which is really a consumers dream come true. Only a couple years ago you would have been hard pressed to find a LCD monitor for less than 500 bucks, now you can buy a 20 inch widescreen for under 300 dollars.

I'm finding LCD reviews tougher and tougher to do, seeing as LCD technology has come so far in the past few years. I remember not that many years ago buying my first LCD with a blazing fast 16ms refresh rate, now a monitor like that would be considered low-end and you'd probably have a tough time finding on with such a slow refresh rate anymore.

Today we are going to look at the 20 inch widescreen from Viewsonic, which features a 1680x1050 resolution. This monitor is definitely very competitively priced at 299.99 CDN, let's see how it performs.


First Look:

The box that this LCD came in is pretty much like exactly like every box that I've ever seen, nothing too special, but enough padding to protect it from the mailman. The entire monitor with base weighs in at 18.9 pounds.


Front View

Back View


The VX2035wm comes with an included DVI cable, as well as a VGA cable, power cable, and your normal quick start guide and installation software CD. Nothing in the included package is too out of the ordinary, but you've got everything you'll need to get up and going.


Closer Look:

At closer inspection, you'll see that this is a pretty classy looking LCD; it's got the nice Silver/Black color combination. The menu buttons are pretty standard, they blend in nicely, and this model features built-in speakers. These speakers aren't going to impress you in means of quality, but they definitely do the job, and for somewhere like an office environment where you don't need much volume they are absolutely perfect.

As you can see from the pictures below, the inputs are pretty standard.






The buttons (pictured below) are also pretty straight forward, nothing too special with them; they blend in nicely and don't stick out like a sore thumb. My only complaint is they can sometimes be a little tough to push; this really isn't a big issue since you don't use them much.


Menu Buttons

Buttons (Close Up)