SuperTalent 2GB DDR2-1000 Kit

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SuperTalent 2GB DDR2-1000 Kit
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Product: SuperTalent T1000UX2G5 - 1000MHz - PC2-8000 Kit
Provided By: SuperTalent
Price: ~$399CDN Online



When it comes to overclocking RAM, we naturally think of Corsair, Crucial and OCZ.  These companies have dominated the enthusiast market for years, but today we are looking at some new memory from Super Talent that wants to share the spotlight.  This kit is rated at 1000Mhz at 5-5-5-15 which are pretty standard timings for memory of this speed.  This memory seems to be fairly plain in terms of features and specs, but we'll see how it holds up during testing in a couple minutes.  First, we'll learn a bit more about Super Talent and take a look at their memory.


About Super Talent: 

Engineered in Silicon Valley

Super Talent's Silicon Valley based electrical, mechanical, and software Engineering teams develop leading-edge DRAM and Flash memory solutions for a multitude of applications. Our US-based engineering enables Super Talent to bring advanced new products and technologies to market well ahead of the competition. A leading innovator, Super Talent holds over 100 patents on DRAM and Flash module design and manufacturing processes, making Super Talent one of the world\'s chief patent holders in memory device categories. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC, the association that defines future memory standards. The company is a technical leader in producing industry standard memory modules as well as in developing custom memory solutions.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our USA based production facility, which boasts fourteen highly automated surface mount (SMT) assembly lines, stands as the largest and most advanced memory module production facility in North America. The company relies on its 20-years of experience making memory products and adherence to strict quality standards to produce high quality products with outstanding reliability.

Quality Assurance

Our memory modules are rigorously qualified in Super Talent\'s compatibility labs, and are then tested and approved by top motherboard manufacturers and other industry partners. Every memory product from the production line is subject to essential hardware and software testing standards for consistency and functionality. Our intensive quality control and testing procedures are designed to ensure the highest possible product quality. Super Talent\'s extensive statistical analysis of manufacturing data helps drive constant improvement in operations.


First Look - Packaging:

Super Talent hasn't blown their budget on packaging the T1000UX2G5 memory.  The packaging is about as plain as you can get and still put it in a clamshell package.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're shopping for this memory in a retail environment, flashy packaging gets your attention.  If anything the minimalistic packaging may turn heads of those budget conscious shoppers, but sadly men like shiny things and would probably pass up the Super Talent package for some GeiL or Patriot memory.

 Super Talent - Package Front
Super Talent - Package Front
 Super Talent - Package Back
Super Talent - Package Back


On the next page we'll jump into the specifications of this memory and take a look at some features.