A4Tech Wireless Desktop

Dallmann Computers recently gave me a A4Tech Wireless Desktop to review. It included an internet/multimedia keyboard, and a noiseless Wheel mouse.

The keyboard and mouse operate by RF not IR, this is a plus if your computer is not line-of-site.

Installation was a snap. I just plugged in the receiver to the proper connectors on my computer, installed batteries in the keyboard/mouse and booted up.
Included with the Wireless Desktop is a Floppy disk that has a utility that lets you assign funtions to the mouse wheel, and the 12 extra multimedia/web buttons on the keyboard. I changed some to fit specific applications on the computer, but most I left default. My favorite feature is the volume control on the keyboard. In the middle of watching a DivX you can adjust the volume without having to reach for the speaker knob. nice.

I haven't had much prior experience with Wireless keyboard/mouse combo's before, but with the A4Tech, it is a very pleasant experience. The mouse had a great response rate, and the keyboard is very comfortable to use. In fact, it is so good, that it is an awesome addition to any gaming rig.

Some people claim that you must have wired technology for gaming, as the response time is faster, but with this keyboard/mouse on my gaming rig, I can frag in more comfort and flexibility than ever before, and my kill/death ratio still remained quite poor! heh.

Summary in two words. "I like." So much so that Dallmann Computers never got it back. In true Ebert fashion,"Two thumbs up."