Ultra X-Pro 600W Energy Efficient PSU - X-Pro Installation, Testing and Conclusion

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Ultra X-Pro 600W Energy Efficient PSU
X-Pro - First Impressions and Test Setup
X-Pro Installation, Testing and Conclusion

Initial Testing & Installation:

For the past few weeks, my roommate has been putting the X-Pro to the limit playing games such as the one listed, F.E.A.R Combat, UT2004, and he didn’t notice any instability while using the power supply.  Before hand, installing the power supply into his P180 chassis was nearly painless after removing the bottom fan mount. Cabling the power supply was not a hassle either thanks to the non-stiff sleeved cables.

 X-Pro - Tidy System
X-Pro - Tidy System
 X-Pro - Sleeved Cables Installed
X-Pro - Sleeved Cables Installed


After running various programs and applications to put the system under load, the 12V rail never went below 12.2V. Granted we are not running SLI or anything extreme in terms of hardware, but this is one solid unit. The 5V rail measured in at 5.14V under load, and the 3.2V rail measured in 3.12V using SpeedFan. The power supply never failed to power the hardware during the use of StressPrime in conjunction with 3Dmark 06. With an advertised efficiency rating of 85%, I’d have to say that this power supply will have no problems keeping that promise.



I have to admit that I was skeptical of reviewing more of Ultras’ products. I am glad to see that Ultra has done a great job in improving their product quality and been able to prove that they do make products that are worth owning. The X-Pro is no exception to that rule. The quality of the power supply is excellent, all the way from the paint finish to the ability of being able to power the most power-hungry of computer components. I am now looking forward to reviewing more of Ultras’ products… perhaps that nice black chassis they sell?


  • Excellent paint finish
  • Flexible cables that make for easier installation and cabling
  • 36A on the 12V rail
  • Long cables that will work in the most difficult chassis



  • Only a single rail and not dual 12V rails
  • Fan can be loud during full load



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I'd like to thank Ultra Products for sending this PSU our way for a review.  It was interesting to test out a 600W unit and see how solid it is.  If you have any questions or comments, please drop them in our forum at the "Comments" link below.  You will be required to register to post, but it's fast and easy.