A-Data Professional PD7 4GB Flash Drive - The Competition, Test Info and HDTach

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A-Data Professional PD7 4GB Flash Drive
The Competition, Test Info and HDTach
Real World Tests and Conclusion

The Competition:

We compared the A-Data MyFlash against an OCZ 150x SD Flash card, a 2GB Soultek 150x SD Flash card and our trusty 2GB Crucial Gizmo Overdrive!  All of these products are rated at 150x or better so it should be an interesting comparison between them all.

 OCZ - 4GB SD Card
OCZ - 4GB SD Card


For testing we plugged the SD Flash cards into a fast USB2.0 Multi-card reader and let them buck.  The USB flash drives were plugged into the same test system for HDTach and actual file transfer tests.

Below is the test system we used for benchmarking these products.

Test System:

We used both HDTach from Simplisoftware as well as a stopwatch and some file transfer tests to measure performance.  The test package of files was 1.87GB in size and contained 63 folders and 1,273 files ranging in size from 3KB to 308MB.  This gives a very good average of files that will be transferred to and from the flash memory.  It contains large AVI media files as well as small test files and everything in between.


Performance Tests:

To start off, we'll let the screenshots from HDTach speak for themselves.  The first picture is from the A-Data MyFlash PD7 4GB Flash drive, and the second is from the OCZ 4GB SD Flash Card.  Although there is only a rated speed difference of 50x between the two, you can see that the A-Data drive smokes the OCZ card.

HDTach - AData
HDTach - AData


 HDTach - OCZ
HDTach - OCZ


According to HDTach, the A-Data MyFlash 4GB PD7 Professional Series flash drive reaches over 31MB/sec average read speed with an average write speed of 22.2MB/sec.  That is downright incredible!  When I first looked at this flash drive, I was honestly quite disappointed and thought that it may be an old, slow 1GB drive, but after running HDTach, my hope is once again restored.  On the next page we'll take a look and see how this drive performs in the real world.