Zalman HD160XT - Ultimate Home Theater Case - The Remote - Up Close

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The Remote: 

As I mentioned earlier, the remote that is included with the HD160XT is the same remote that was included with the HD135 case that Ryan "Howdy Duty" Ward reviewed earlier on this year.


Top of Remote
Bottom of Remote


Remote (Full)
Remote (Back)


This is what he thought of the remote:

The remote was one of the most disappointing features in the package as it controlled functions of the mouse pointer and navigation through the media software poorly.  The round disc in the middle of the remote is used to navigate menus and it didn't seem to matter how I pushed the disc 8 out of 10 times it would move twice.  It became very frustrating after a short time when you want to 'menu down' one item and it flies right by.  When not in WMC or MediaBay I thought the navigation disc would be used to move the mouse pointer around the screen.  Not so much.  The remote / software has a function called 'warp' which cuts the monitor into 9 sections and allows you to press the numbered buttons on the remote to 'warp' to that zone.  Moving the mouse pointer incrementally only works with the warp function on, which is very irritating to see a bunch of lines on your screen when all you want to do is move the mouse a half inch to the next icon.  Once I got the hang of moving the mouse pointer with the remote I found the movement to be erratic and incremental.  There was nothing smooth about it.  The pointer would move about a 1/8th of an inch at a time.  My 5 year old Remote Wonder moved the mouse pointer much smoother than this.  The remote works, but I'd rather use a cordless mouse on the couch for navigation and just use the remote for changing channels or the volume.  It's also worth mentioning that the remote will not power on the PC if it's shut down.

Honestly I came to pretty much the same conclusion as him. Using the remote instead of a cordless mouse is definitely cumbersome, and if you need to do any sort of navigation, do yourself a favor and go buy a cordless mouse. The remote isn't the best remote I've used before, but for basic navigation it gets the job done. You will be happy enough with the remote if you aren't expecting to use in instead of a mouse, as long as you don't try to get too fancy and use it for everything, it will do the job.