Zalman HD160XT - Ultimate Home Theater Case - Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Zalman HD160XT - Ultimate Home Theater Case
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When I first received this case I was immediately impressed with the quality and the features, it's definitely classy looking and people really notice it. Pretty much everyone I have shown the case to have been very impressed with it, mostly with the touchscreen, it's just not something you see built into a case, and if you fire up a movie on the screen people are amazed. I'm very impressed with the look of the case, and have no problem whatsoever putting it on display beside my TV with all my other stereo/video equipment, it really looks like it belongs there.

This case isn't perfect though, the remote isn't all that great, it gets the job done, but it could definitely be improved. Also you need to understand that this isn't like every other case you've bought before, you're not going to be up and running in 30 minutes, you've got a bit of setup ahead of you if you want to get the touchscreen and all the other software working properly. Once you get it all up and going though, it's definitely worth it. The software setup was the most time-consuming part of reviewing this case, I was able to get it all installed, but getting everything working properly took a bit of time, and I had a few issues, but once those were worked out, it really worked well.

The price of this case will also scare some people off, at first I was a bit surprised at the price too, but once you think about it, you're getting a top quality Zalman case with a awesome 7" touchscreen built in, so really the price isn't too unreasonable. If you're looking for the ultimate HTPC case, you can't go wrong with this. This case really isn't aimed towards the value consumer, this case is aimed at someone who wants a top-end case, and it delivers.

After using this case for well over a month now, I must say that I am very happy with it. When combined with Windows Media Center, it makes a pretty killer combination. I have no problems giving this case our Top Pick award, it's a high quality case with a ton of features, and if you want a killer HTPC case, you can't go wrong with this one.




  • Well built, All-Aluminum, Sturdy Case
  • Very Classy Looking Case, Fits in Nicely with other Home Theater Components
  • 7" Touchscreen LCD capable of 1024x768
  • MediaBay turns any version of windows into a media center
  • Fan Control software controls thermal output / noise
  • Very Good Airflow and Cooling


  • Remote has limited functionality
  • Software takes a while to setup properly

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Total Score 9.0




Thanks Zalman USA for sending out the HD160XT for us to check out!  If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please feel free to drop us a line in the forum at the link below.