Multimedia Mightniness Convulse

When I saw the box, I knew that I wanted. When I picked it up, and felt it's weight; I wanted. Here's what I'm talking about, and going to review:

This set of 5.1 speakers comes with: 5 satellite speakers, 1 subwoofer, 1 amp, all the necessary cables to hook up to your computer, and adapters to hook up to your home stereo.

Here's the breakdown of the specs:

Frequency Response & Specs:

  • 40Hz - 160Hz (subwoofer)
  • 80Hz - 20kHz (center)
  • 100Hz - 20kHz (Front/ Rear)
  • Speakers: 5.25" Subwoofer + 2.25" Front/Rear/Center.
  • Control Panel (on Amp.): Power / Master Volume / Front Volume / Rear Volume / Center Volume / Bass Volume / Stereo - 5.1 Control / Headphone Jack.

Assembly and installation was simple. The diagrams on the instructions were quite clear although the written instructions were full of abbr.. and speling erorz. heh. Here is the test setup:

Athlon 1.4GHz, Abit KT7A, 256MB Micron PC133, MSI GeForce2 Ti, SoundBlaster Live! 5.1, D-Link 538tx nic, Aopen 24x10x40 Burner, and a Pioneer 16x40x ATA 66 DVD rom with the WinDVD software player.

One thing I don't understand is the 5.1 - Stereo switch on the Amp. In 5.1 mode you don't have any subwoofer, unless you turn on bass redirection in the advanced tab in the Creative Sound Mixer. In stereo mode you have the sub, and all 5 other speakers as well. I talked to my good buddy Fujitsu and he noticed the same anomaly on the speakers as well. I don't know how these speakers would work with a different Sound Card, but bass redirection seems to be the answer. Either way, we'll see how they work in the THX tests.

First, I fired up Winamp and cranked up a little Delirious - God You Are My God. The high pitch sounds are crisp, the medium range sounds are full, and the bass, well, the base I had to turn down. . . I could feel it thumping my butt in the chair. No kidding.

For the next "test" I put in the X-men DVD. It is THX certified and has a series of audio tests to test the directional surround capabilities, subwoofer crossover, and in-phase, out-of-phase tests.

These speakers passed all tests with flying colors. I was particularly impressed with the subwoofer crossover test. I could hear and feel the bass right up until the test was completed, even though these speakers are only rated to 40Hz. On a previous pair of GNT 5000a speakers that were rated to 35Hz, I couldn't hear the bass all the way through. Impressive. . .

A wise man once told me: "It is not the speaker rating that is really important, it is how they perform and sound that really matters."

This is one of the best parts of these speakers; the Amp. This gives you separate control of power, bass, center, rear, front, and master volume. You don't have to exit your game to the options menu to turn up the volume just so you can hear Nicao sneaking up on you in UT.

In conclusion: these speakers rock! They have crystal clear sound compared to any other speaker that I have owned. They are simple to set up, easy to adjust, and wonderful to hear. Get you a set, turn 'em up, and enjoy all your movies, games, music and heck even your Windows Sounds in amazing 5.1.

Ben's Custom Cases gives these badboys a 9/10.

Thanks to Dwayne Dallmann of Dallmann Computers for letting me review these speakers.