AOpen 24X CDRW

I received my AOpen 24x10x40x burner from Dallmann Computers a while back. I love this burner. It has been good to me, so I will review it. This review will also include a few benchmarks, as I will be using them as a standard for comparing other Burners.

First, the specs, as listed by AOpen:


  • Interface: E-IDE/ATAPI (SFF8090), *ATA-33 (33MB/sec), DMA Mode-2 (16.7MB/Sec), PIO Mode 4
  • *Default factory jumper setting is DISABLED.
  • Data Buffer Memory: 2MB
  • Data Transfer Rate:
  • CD-R Write: (CLV) 4X, 8X, 12X, 16X
  • (ZCLV) 24X =3.6MB/sec (CD-R);
  • CD-RW Write: (CLV) 2X, 4X, 10X =1.6MB/sec (CD-RW)
  • CD Read: Up to 40X (1X=150KB/s)
  • Average Access Time: 120ms or less
  • Mounting Orientation: Horizontal or vertical (eject button must be upside)
  • Supported Formats: CD-Audio,CD-ROM (mode 1 and 2), CD-ROM/XA (mode2, from 1 and from 2), CD-I, Photo-CD (single and multiple sessions), Video CD, CD Extra, I-Trax CD, CD Text, and High Density (80-min) CD.
  • *CD-I, Photo-CD requires special reader/player.
  • *Photo-CD writing requires Kodak's license.
  • *CD Text and High Density requires Nero.
  • Power Requirement: DC5V±5%, DC12V±10%
  • Logical Recording Format: UDF and ISO9660
  • Weight: 1.0 kg or less (accessories not include)
  • Dimensions: 149x42x196.5mm (WxHxD)
  • Power Consumption:
  • 10W or less (normal operation)
  • 1.2W or less (stand by)
  • Operating Environment:
  • Temperature (Without cooling)
  • Operating: 5°C ~ 40°C
  • Non-operating: -20°C ~ 55°C
  • Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80% R.H.
  • Non-operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% R.H.


This burner comes boxed with: 1 - premium 24x10x40x burner, 1 - audio cable, 1 - 24x CD-R, 1 - 10x CD-RW, and a full version of Nero Burner software. One of the better packages available.

For the first benchmark I stuck in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and ran all of the tests in Nero CD Speed. As you can see, the random seek times for this drive are excellent. Average transfer rate is good @ 30.4x. The only thing that disturbs me in this test in the Burst Rate test. I expected this drive to score a little higher. hmm...

For the next test, I stuck in a Audio CD. I ran all of the same tests as well as DAE. It scored a 10 for quality, and is an accurate stream. Nice. Seek times are still good.


Next, I did a little burn test. I fired up Nero v. and did some simulations. I used a TEON (cheapy) 700MB 24x certified CD-R. I have found the simulation to be within a second or two of the actual burn process, and with the prospect of CD-R's going up, I opted for the simulation. Hey, at least it gives you an idea.

This iso is a single file DivX that is 700MB + the 1MB lilo(lead in-lead out). It finished all in a blistering 4:09 seconds! That is pretty darn speedy!

For the next test, I did a simulated CD copy on-the-fly. Again, I used the TEON 24x certified blank, and read from my Pioneer 116, 16x40x ATA66 DVD rom. Both my AOpen and my Pioneer are on the same IDE cable. This should put some stress on the system.

I used Jedi Knight II as my medium to copy. There you have it, 643Mb on-the-fly in 4:03 with the lilo. This is one schweet burner. I have been able to overburn my cheap cd's up to 719Mb and still have working copies. All thanks to AOpen, and Dallmann Computers.

If you haven't got one of these awesome burners, phone Dallmann Computers @ 403-485-2789 today and get one. They ROCK!

Ben's Custom Cases gives the AOpen 2440 a 9.5/10!!!