ATI Hits With Mainstream DX10 - HD 2600 XT - HD 2600 XT - Test System and Benchmarks

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ATI Hits With Mainstream DX10 - HD 2600 XT
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HD 2600 XT - Test System and Benchmarks
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Test System & Info:

We tried to acquire a 8600GT or 8600GTS to compare with the HD 2600 XT for this review, but at the time, our local computer shop had everything sold, and a trip up to our supplier in Calgary revealed very limited stock of these cards due to popular sales.  Unfortunately we have to post up the scores of the RV630XT all by themselves, but we hope to get some mid-range nVidia cards in the future and will compare the results at that time.  For now, our test system is listed below.

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 - Stock
  • Radeon HD 2600 XT - Stock (800/1100)
    Overclocked - (855/1175)
  • MSI 975X Platinum Motherboard
  • 2GB PC2-8500 Ballistix Tracer at 800MHz 4-4-4-12
  • Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
  • Catalyst 7.6 drivers


Thanks to the kind folks at AMD, we were able to grab the 7.6 drivers early and complete all of our benchmarks using these latest drivers.


Let The Benchmarking Begin!

If you read our preview, you'll notice the 3DMarks are slightly different, and that we've actually manged to run Lost Planet.

As requested by some reader feedback from the preview article, we have managed to do some overclocking (although minor) and post the results alongside the stock clock speeds of this card.  Although the clock speed increase is only 7%, it offers measurable performance increase in some situations.  I say "measurable" with caution, because although it can be measured, it probably isn't noticeable.

(Click Image to Enlarge)


A 7% clock speed increase yields a 4% increase in 3D Mark 2003.  Nothing much to brag about, but the card does break 15,000 points in our test system.

Next we jump right into 3D Mark 06, as we are unable to install 3D Mark 05 on any of our Vista test systems.  Repeated attempts have always failed, even with UAC disabled.

(Click Image to Enlarge)


Once again we are seeing a mere 4% improvement in 3DMark scores, but perhaps real world games will show a difference.  Take a look and the benchmarking continues!