Ultra 700VA UPS vs Ultra 850VA UPS - Ultra UPS Software and Battery Replacement

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All my testing found the software to be very easy to use, and very easy to setup, two of my favorite things. I installed the software and unplugged the UPS to see what would happen, and sure enough with no problems it automatically shutdown without any more setup. There are quite a few options (Send E-mail to yourself when the power goes out, voltage monitors, event views, etc) which are pretty handy, but for the majority of users, it will just run in the background and protect you if the power goes out and your not around, and honestly thats what 95% of people are going to need it to do.

I won't go into much detail about the software, other than it worked great and I'll include some screenshots of it in action (Included below)


Ultra UPSMON Plus - Main Moniter


Ultra UPSMON Plus - Event Log


Ultra UPSMON Plus - Record Viewer


Battery Replacement: 

Both models also offer replaceable batteries. I found both models very easy to open up and take out the battery, both batteries are quite standard sizes and are easily found at your local battery store, or even on ebay. These batteries are not proprietary, so your not going to have to pay an arm and a leg to Ultra to buy a replacement battery, both batteries can easily be purchased for a number of different vendors.


Ultra 700VA - Battery
Ultra 700VA Replaceable Battery
Ultra 850VA - Battery
Ultra 850VA Replaceable Battery
Ultra 700VA - Jacks
Phone Line Protection and USB (Both Models)
Ultra 850VA - Plugs
Ultra 850VA Battery Plugs