8GB DDR2-800 and Vista - Synthetic Memory and Game Benchmarks

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8GB DDR2-800 and Vista
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Synthetic Memory Benchmarks:

To start things off, we will use the popular Everest Ultimate and SiSoft Sandra benchmarks.  We used the latest versions of Everest Ultimate and SiSoft Sandra at the time of writing.  Everest Ultimate 4.0 and SiSoft Sandra XI SP2 were used.  No further introduction is necessary.


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 SiSoft Memory Benchmark
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Everest Scores the 8GB setup slower than any of the others, and the Crucial kit scores very well as it has the highest frequency.  The big surprise to me is how the SuperTalent 4GB kit compares to the Patriot kit running at the same speed.  The SuperTalent kit is toward the bottom of the pile - according to both Everest Ultimate and SiSoft Sandra.


Synthetic Game Tests:

We now move on to the popular 3DMark benchmarks from Futuremark.  Both of these benchmarks are run at default settings with the GPU at stock speeds.  As you can see below, the system scores very well thanks to a Quad-Core CPU and lots of memory.

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3DMark follows the same trend: the system with the fastest CPU clock wins the race.  In these tests, the 8GB system actually bests the 4GB SuperTalent setup in 3DMark05, but the winner is the non-enthusiast Crucial PC2-6400 4GB kit.