Samsung 275T 27in. Widescreen LCD - Performance, Testing and Conclusion

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Samsung 275T 27in. Widescreen LCD
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Performance, Testing and Conclusion

Performance & Testing

I setup this monitor right beside my trusty old 17" LCD that I've been using for years, and wow, does it ever make a 17" monitor look small. Normally I run two screens (17" and 20" LCD's), but for this review I let the Samsung 27" take the spot on my desk that my 20" normally fills, well it takes up a little more deskspace than the 20" took up, but that's OK. I setup this monitor at the same distance that I had my 20" setup at, I did not have to move it back a little so that I could have a clear picture, it was perfectly fine at my normal viewing distance. Really the only way to review a monitor is to use it for everyday tasks, and that's exactly what I did, only problem was I found myself using it a lot, and even though I had dual-screens running, the majority of my everyday tasks migrated over onto this monitor.

 27" Desktop
1920x1200 Desktop

Performance - Text:

Majority of my use (and therefore majority of my testing) is text and internet browsing, both of which are amazing on this screen. At first I was a little unsure since things were literally so much bigger than I was used to, but after about 15 minutes I was hooked and even though I run a dual-screen setup with a 20" LCD, 99% of all pages I was reading where opened on the Samsung, just because it was just plain enjoyable to use.

If you go full screen with your internet browser, some internet sites get a bit distorted since you've got a lot of horizontal space to fill, however this screen is big enough that you can run two browsers side-by-side with no problems, which is very handy if you need to reference material from one website while browsing another, something that usually could only be accomplished using a dual-screen setup.


Single Browser

Dual Browsers


Performance - Video:

I threw on a few movies to watch, and with a 27" screen size, they were pretty enjoyable to watch for sure. Using the side inputs (Composite) you can watch a DVD from an external source in a window on the screen or full size, and with such a high resolution they looked amazing.

The video performance was great, and I really have no complaints or anything to even note about the playback.


Performance - Gaming:

Gaming is definitely awesome on a monitor like this, I was running my EVGA 8800GTX at 1920x1200 and the games just looked amazing. I was not able to detect any ghosting or anything like that, nor was I expecting to since it features a 6ms refresh rate.

This monitor really is a great gaming monitor; I'm definitely going to miss it.


Misc. Testing - Power Consumption:

One last test I ran was too see how much power this monitor consumed, I assumed it must consume a fair amount of heat due to the heat it puts out. According to my Watt-Meter, the average usage for power is ~100 Watts, which is a fair amount of power.



Sure this monitor is huge, and takes up quite a bit of deskspace, but after using it for almost a month; I am definitely going to miss it. My first impressions were a little bit skewed by the price tag, but after using it for a while I find myself constantly searching through my couch cushions trying to find enough spare change to purchase myself one of these, because honestly, I've grown quite attached to it in a short period of time, its really one of those cases of I didn't know what I was missing until I tried this monitor, now that its gone, I truly now know what I'm missing. If you're like myself and use your computer constantly, a monitor like this is really a treat, and if you can justify the price tag, you'll definitely be very happy.

I was quite impressed with the lighting of this monitor, some larger LCD's that I've seen in the past seemed to have a bit of a problem achieving even lighting throughout the whole panel, however that is not the case with this unit, I wasn't able to find any sections that looked even remotely differently lit that others. Another nice feature is the height-adjustable stand, I found that it was able to raise the monitor up to a nice level and was very easily adjustable, all-in-all a great feature. Even minor details like the buttons are well done, sure you might not base you buying decision on a small detail like how the buttons on the front work, but its worth noting that even a small thing like that have been very well done by Samsung.

The price tag on this monitor is hefty (~$1100 CDN), and at that price you can almost go with two 24" monitors instead, but if you're looking for a monitor to give you a ton of desktop space, you can't go wrong with this one. Naturally at this price it's out of the range of the majority of computer users, and really makes it more of a monitor aimed towards someone who uses their computer at ton, or someone who really isn't worried about the price tag, seeing as its priced at the same price as a good mid-range system costs these days. Really the price tag is by far the biggest drawback of this monitor, and I'm sure just like every other computer component, its going to continue to drop in price, which could eventually drop it into the price range of a lot more users.

Anyways, after using this monitor day in and day out for almost a month, I can very easily give this monitor our Top Pick award, it really deserves it thanks to its great performance and great features, now if it wasn't so expensive, I would think the majority would have one of these on our desks.


  • Fast 6ms response time
  • 27" 16:10 LCD @ 1920x1200
  • DVI & Analog Inputs
  • Additional Inputs (Composite)
  • Built-In USB Hub
  • Height-Adjustable Stand
  • Very Classy Looking



  • PRICE (~$1049 CDN) Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.5


I'd like to thank Samsung for allowing us to review this Monitor. If you have any questions or comments regarding this display or this review, please feel free to drop us a line in the forum at the link below.