Samsung 275T 27in. Widescreen LCD

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Samsung 275T 27in. Widescreen LCD
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Product: Samsung 275T 27" Widescreen LCD
Provided By: Samsung

Price: $1,049.95 CDN (Memory Express)



After I received this monitor, naturally I was telling anyone who would listen about it, and surprisingly the response I got from most was "Isn't that just too big?", this sort of surprised me, as I can't remember the last time anyone talked about their brand new big screen TV and got the response "Oh My, That's just too big!", normally we like to make things bigger and better, so when people were asking if this monitor was too big, it got me thinking perhaps it just might be too big. Well, seeing as this is only the beginning of the review, I can't very well tell you if I was right or wrong, but read on and you'll find out for yourself.


First Look:

The box that this LCD came in wasn't really what I was expecting, it was huge, which is a good thing to prevent damage, I was just a little shocked to actually see the size when it showed up on my doorstep, even the UPS guy commented on it being a nice monitor and he told me he'd really like to get one himself, so I was getting compliments on this monitor before it even came out of the box.


Front View

Back View

Shipping Box

Shipping Box

Inside Shipping Box



The Samsung 275T comes with an included DVI cable, as well as a VGA cable, power cable, and your normal manual and installation CDs that you'd expect when you bought a monitor, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary was included.


Closer Look:

Once you really look close at this LCD, you'll notice, its a pretty nice looking LCD, its solid black and really looks great sitting on any desk. Honestly, I've got a ton of compliments on this monitor, anyone who has noticed it sitting on my desk has immediately commented on it, its one good looking monitor.

vga close.jpg



Side Inputs


As you can see in the pictures below, this monitor features a height-adjustable base, which is a great feature, I personally like having my monitor higher than most so I'm not looking down all day, and this base was perfect for me. Also you will see the menu buttons (7 Buttons), they are very straightforward to use and seem to have a really nice feel to them, its just a simple click for any option you might want.


Menu Buttons

Monitor Base

Heght-Adjustable Base (Down)

Height-Adjustable Base (Up)