Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Mouse

I broke all the rules the other day. . . yup, I abandoned Microsoft, and their 400dpi Optical Wheel Mouse, and went with the Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical Mouse. This is Logitech's latest offering, with dual 800dpi optical sensors bringing the said resolution of the mouse up to a whopping 1600dpi. We'll see how it performs, and how fickle it is on different surfaces.

For those of you don't know what this mouse looks like, . . . feast your eyes:

This is the pic of the mouse off the Logitech website locate here. It is a different design and feel than I am used too. It is much different than the straight-ahead design of most mice, include my former Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse. It was definately a good mouse, but it was time to move on and try something different.

Logitech's own Description/Features:

"This optical mouse delivers twice the precision as other optical mice. Two sensors work seamlessly to calculate surface microstructures while a patented microprocessor synthesizes this information in real time. The result? A faster, more accurate, and smoother performance. It´s intelligent tracking for intelligent people."

"New! Two optical sensors for maximum precision. - Intelligent tracking on a variety of surfaces. - Two optical sensors deliver greater accuracy. - Dynamic transition system for increased precision. - Optical precision: No ball. No sticking. - Designed for real hands. - Convenient scroll wheel. - Five-year warranty."

I honestly think they are a little full of themselves with the idea that "it's intelligent tracking for intelligent people." I guess if you use other mice, you're not intelligent? Oh well. I won't be picky about their slogan, let's see this baby!!

Bundled with the mouse is the usual drivers, plus some MusicMatch software, and other Logitech bloatware. The mouse drivers aka MouseWare is very helpful, and makes customizing you mouse a snap.

I actually had to adjust the mouse sensitiviy way down, and take off mouse acceleration. This mouse was so sensitive and fast that I could hardly use it at all. Now I have the sensitivity adjusted on the slider to just less than half. My Microsoft mouse wasn't near as sensitive as this one. This should make gaming a little more precise, esp. when it comes to sniping D-man and Fujitsu.

This mouse has been reported to have some tracking problems on certain surfaces. Some people have actually reported that the mouse pointer wouldn't move at all on a Ratpadz mousing surface. Ratpadz, are probably the best, smoothest, and most precise mousepad on the planet, and are available at Ratpadz.com, and Bigfootcomputers. This is quite concerning because the Dual Optical Mouseman coupled with a Ratpadz would rock! Every other surface I tried with this mouse worked great (wood, metal, cloth, rubber, skin, etc.) I didn't even try it on glass, as optical mouse need something to track and glass is well, . . . glass.

I thought that if I wanted this mouse, I would take my padz to the store and ask to demo a mouse. The salesman agreed and we tried it out. Success!! This one worked!! I will not guarantee that they all will, but this one did. This fickle nature of this mouse is due to the fact that it uses a lower power led, and the Ratpadz shiny black surface can cause some problems with the sensor. At this point Kudos goes to Kyle Bennet of Ratpadz.com. . . they are totally redesigning the Ratpadz surface to work flawlessly with all Logitech Dual Optical Mice.

You can see that the mouse has quite a funky shape to it. It is sorta kindey bean shaped, and it design for "righties" only. Sorry all you lefties, you'll just have to grope another mouse for now. The shape of the mouse definately takes some getting used to, with the fourth mouse button way low on the left side and all. After a little getting used to it, I've assigned the fourth button to "double-click" with just a single click. It gets easier, and more useful as you remember to use it. Go figure. 

Here's a pic of the belly of the beast. You can see both optical sensors as well as all five tiny mouse feet. These mouse feet are positioned well and cause the mouse to literally float on my padz.

One last pic of the Logitech. It sure is one schweet mouse. Incredibly precise, nice feel (once you get used to it), and wonderfully smooth. I've never seen it's equal. If you are in the market for a new mouse for gaming, or CAD, this is the one to get. If you currently have a Ratpadz, take it to the store and demo the mouse first to make sure it works well with it. If you are thinking about getting a new mousepad, I'd wait a bit, until the new version of Ratpadz comes out that will work with all optical mice.

I give this mouse a huge 10/10 and would recommend it to all who are in the market for a "super mouse." Way to go Logitech!!!