Patriot DDR2 Overclocking Roundup - On With The Benchmarks!

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Patriot DDR2 Overclocking Roundup
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On With The Benchmarks!

Everest Ultimate Performance:

We only used two benchmarks for our tests as it is very hard to determine actual memory bandwidth based on memory speeds alone.  We overclocked the CPU as well as the memory for higher scores, and although memory speed and timings do indeed play a factor, we feel that CPU speed contributes to the overall score more than actual memory speed.  Please notice the CPU speed as well as memory speed indicators and note how they scale.  Memory timings do indeed play a factor - albeit, a small one.

Everest Ultimate
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SiSoft Sandra XI Performance: 

Next we move on to SiSoft Sandra XI. This benchmark has become an industry standard and is very well known in the hardware enthusiast community.  That doesn't mean it's perfect as we once again see greater performance scaling based on CPU speed that actual memory speed.  This shows that the actual bottleneck is the system bus as increasing memory speed alone does very little in the way of boosting performance.

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As you can see from the results above, memory performance on today's Intel Core 2 Duo systems has more to do with CPU speed than actual memory speed.  When three different sets of Patriot memory are compared, all three produce similar results.  The kit that impressed me the most though was the "cheapy" DDR2-800 "Eased Latency" kit.  This kit ran at CAS3 at an amazing DDR2-879 when it comes clocked in at 5-5-5-12!

The DDR2-800 "Eased Latency" tops out at DDR2-992 - a slower clock speed that all the other sets, but manages the fastest speeds at CL3.  The DDR2-800 "Low Latency" actually did quite poorly at CL3, but managed a 25% overclock to reach just over 1GHz at CL5.  The fastest clocking memory was the DDR2-1066, and it has a very balanced run at CL3, CL4 and CL5.  At its rated 2.3v, it ran at DDR2-1080 with 4-4-4-12 timings and took the CL4 crown.


Final Thoughts:

If you pay for good memory, you get good memory.  All of these kits performed as advertised and some did much better than that.  If I were shopping for a DDR2 kit, I'd definitely consider either of the "Eased Latency" kits - in PC2-6400 or PC2-8500 flavors.  Both of these ran well at tight and relaxed timings.


  • Excellent performance / price ratio.
  • Runs rock solid at stock speeds.
  • DDR2-800 kits averaged over 20% overclock.
  • DDR2-1066 kit ran at CL4 at stock Mhz and overclocked well.



  • Memory Performance doesn't scale directly with memory speed. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.2

Top Pick


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