Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 Titanium = Sweet - Z-Machine GT1000 Running and Conclusion

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Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 Titanium = Sweet
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Z-Machine GT1000 Running and Conclusion

System Running: 

With everything installed and running we took a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure.  As I mentioned before, the test system was comprised of spare parts laying around so we didn't take temperatures for comparison.  The case has the same fans and airflow design as the FC-ZE1, and that seemed to work well.  I would imagine that airflow in the GT1000 would be very similar if not identical in terms of cooling.

Instead of a chart, all we've got are some pictures of the sweet Titanium GT1000 in action below.

Running Profile Daylight
Running - Daylight


Running Profile Low Light
Running - Low Light


This case is a huge improvement over the earlier FC-ZE1.  The FC-ZE1 "Fatal1ty" case was the first enthusiast oriented tower from Zalman and it had its share of issues.  The GT1000 comes in two flavors - Black with red LED fans, or Titanium (Grey) with blue LED fans.  Both of these case have the same layout and same improvements over the FC-ZE1.  The GT1000 has a long list of features and improvements that make it stand above the competition.  It has twice the HDD bays than its predecessor and optical drive bays that actually work.  It has a great layout, nice lighting and is easy to work in.

The removable motherboard tray is a nice feature as well as the removable blanks for the PCI slots.  The door hinges have been improved so that the door swings all the way back and can rest on your work area when the case is on its side.  The split doors are a nice addition and allows for a nice custom look.  Although this case costs as much as a complete water-cooled case (Gigabyte 3D Mercury Pro), if you're looking for a premium chassis, this case should be at the top of your list.


  • Solid, high quality construction.
  • Tool-less HDD, ODD and PCI installation.
  • Improved hinge/door design over the FC-ZE1.
  • Anti-Vibration rubber feet, rubber grommets on fans, and HDD mounting.
  • Extra hex-screws provided in case you lose some.
  • Good airflow, and fairly quiet chassis.
  • Everything works smoothly, fits well, and there are no sharp edges to injure yourself on.
  • Tinted side window is very classy.



  •  Pricey. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.6


Even though this case costs a whopping $400, I left the Value score at 9 because this case is geared toward the enthusiast and it does everything well.  If it sucked, as did the Fatal1ty FC-ZE1, it wouldn't have a lot of value at $400, but the GT1000 is the nicest case I've seen from Zalman and for the enthusiast, and the person who wants to showcase their top-end gear in and equally top-end case, the Z-Machine GT1000 Titanium is an easy choice.

 Top Pick

If you have any comments, questions or general feedback regarding this case, please drop us a line in our forum at the comments link below.  I'd like to thank ZalmanUSA for sending this case up for us to take a look at.