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Ultra Grid ATX Case
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Product: Ultra Grid Case
Provided By: Ultra Products
Price: ~$132.99 CDN (Tigerdirect.ca)



In the world of computer cases, there are a ton of options, there are a lot of great companies producing a ton of great cases, and you can spend as much or as little as you want. Back in the day when BCCHardware first started you had two choices for cases, white or white, and adding a window was something you did out in your workshop, now you can get cases of every color with all sorts of options.

Today we will be taking a look at a case from Ultra Products, we've reviewed other products from Ultra such as the Ultra Chilltec TEC Cooler (Reviewed Here), as well as two UPS's from Ultra (700VA and 850VA, Reviewed Here), but this is the first case we've taken a look at from Ultra Products. This case retails for approximately $132.99 CDN, and also offers a model that comes included with a power supply (the model we are looking at today does not feature a power supply)

Lets see how this case stands up to our testing....


First Impressions:

So the box isn't anything too exciting, looks like every other box I've ever seen, its your standard size.... Not much else can be said about the box


Grid Box
Ultra Grid Box
Features On The Box
Box (Side)


Once I got the Grid out of the box, I was impressed by its looks, its nice and shiny (glossy), which may be fun trying to keep fingerprints off, but I've always liked the black gloss look on a case. Anyways, the front panel is a black metal mesh, and you also note right away that their is a CD-ROM opening in the front panel, so unlike a lot of cases with front panels covering everything, you can open and close 1 CD-ROM drive without having to open the front panel every time, for some people this might be a great feature, because if your case is anything like mine, the front panel is open 95% of the time because I'm constantly putting CD/DVD's in and out.


Grid ATX - Window Side
Side of Case (Window)
Grid ATX Case Side
Side of Case
Front Door Open
Front of Case (Panel Open)
Outside - Front Back
Front and Rear of Case


From the above pictures you can see that its nice and shiny, and has a window, nothing too out of the ordinary, its got more of a sleek look to it.

Lets move on to some close-ups of its features.

Front Buttons
Front Buttons
USB/Sound Ports
Front USB/Sound Ports


Once you open the front panel, you will note that there is a front intake fan, its your standard 120 mm fan. 

Front Intake
Front Intake Fan (Outside Case View)
Front - Fan Inside
Front Intake Fan (Inside Case View)


The pictures below are of the inside of the case, as you can see it looks pretty standard compared to most cases, one thing to note is that all drives are all tool-less, which is always a nice feature.


Inside - Front/Back


The Ultra Grid case also features tool-less Optical and HDD racks, always a nice feature to be able to slide drives in and out without taking off both sides and having to line up screws, these racks save a fair amount of time during the install.


Front - Fan Grill
Rear Fan Grill (Fan not Included)
I/O & Fan Cables 
I/O and Fan Cables


Tool-less HDD Rack
Tool-less HDD Rack
Tool-less Drive Array
Tool-less FDD, HDD and ODD Rack


As you can see in the picture below, there isn't many accessories included with the case, just some instructions for USB installation and a couple screws for your motherboard, you really don't need anything else with this case since all the drive bays are tool-less


Box Of Goodies
Included Accessories

On the next page we'll take a look at the specs of the Ultra Grid ATX Case.