Ultra 7 Port USB Buddy Hub

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Ultra 7 Port USB Buddy Hub
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Product: Ultra 7 Port USB 1.1 "Buddy" Hub
Provided by: Ultra Products
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Every now and then a product comes along that makes you wonder why it wasn't thought of before.  These products become very useful and we can't imagine life without them.  One such device that we've become so accustomed to is the USB Flash drive.  Just a short six years ago, this product was practically a dream, but it has changed our lives.

 Hub Package
Hub Package
 Hub Package Back
Hub Package Back


I'm not sure if the Ultra USB "Buddy" Hub will change our lives in the same way that flash storage has, but it can be used to share USB flash devices with more than one computer at the press of a button.  This Buddy hub has seven ports and is used to share any and every port with two computers at the touch of a button.  Keep on reading and we'll see if this will make you more buddies, or perhaps make you some enemies.


7 Port Hub - First Look:

Many USB hubs on the market have a total of four downstream USB ports and of course require connection to a single USB port.  This gives you the ability to connect three more devices than you would without the hub.  On my main rig, I have two four port USB hubs connected at any given time.  I could replace both of these hubs with a single 7 port hub and be just as well off.

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The Ultra Buddy hub comes with a power adapter for sharing power hungry USB devices across two machines as well as two USB A-B cables.  The package also includes instructions and of course the 7 port USB hub.


Closer Look:

Ultra Button There is a button and a couple of LEDs on top of the hub for each port.  The button can be pressed and this will switch the corresponding port from PC "A" to PC "B".  You can share switch as many ports from one computer to another at any given time, but you need to keep in mind that one machine will only have access to each device at any given time.

If you have a couple of machines side by side and want to share peripherals like scanners, printers, cameras, iPod docks, flash drives or even mice and keyboards for example, the Ultra Buddy hub makes it simple.  Much like Glad Press & Seal, simply press and you're good to go.


7 Port USB Buddy Hub Features & Info:

  • Share up to 7 devices between 2 computers.
  • 7 switch buttons with dual LEDs.
  • Individually control each device
  • USB 2.0 compliant.


This 2-PC USB sharing hub will increase your office productivity exponentially. You can share connections among as many as 7 USB devices and then link those peripherals to 2 PCs. Think of all you can accomplish! You can create a full service office that’s perfect for small businesses - it’s all made possible by one dynamic device! Or you can use this 7-Port Buddy Hub for an integral part of your overall big business matrix. Tested to the strictest quality controls. Made by the finest engineers. Includes 2 USB cables, power adapter and User’s Manual.


Hub Profile
Hub Profile

On the following page, we'll plug in this hub and find out just how handy (and fast) this little hub is.