ViewSonic WGP-150 Wireless Video Gateway - Continued Setup, Features and Testing

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ViewSonic WGP-150 Wireless Video Gateway
First Look and Setup of the WPG-150
Continued Setup, Features and Testing

Further Setup & Testing: 

If you want to blank the presentation screen from displaying any information from your computer, you can select the "Blank Screen" option.  This kills the video feed from your computer and displays a black screen instead of showing your mouse movement and whatever you are doing.  If you don't have a your network set up to WPA security, the "blank" page is a little garbled and says that you don't have a secure network.  Secure the network.

If you lose connection to the WPG-150 for any reason, or until you actually connect to it for the first time, a page is displayed on the projector or other wireless connected display.

 Easy Start Screen
Easy Start Screen

This screen actually shows some information such as your network SSID and whether or not you are encrypted.  Although this looks better than a blank screen, if you haven't encrypted the network, someone could join the network, download the software and run the application without permission.  As always, it is recommended that you encrypt your network.

You can set up network security, including passwords, encryption and more.  Also available are custom network settings as well as the ability to change the last number of the SSID.

 Network Settings
Network Settings


Testing & Performance:

We tested the WPG-150 using our Acer Travelmate 2428 Laptop that features a 1.8GHz Centrino CPU.  Recommended specification requirements of the Wireless Projector Gateway state that you will need a 900MHz processor (1.7GHz for video), and we noticed a fairly high CPU load when running this device.  Ideally, a dual-core laptop would provide better performance, but you can't have everything!

With PowerPoint, OpenSong, WinAMP and Windows Media Player 11 open, we saw almost 100% CPU utilization - even with 2GB of DDR2 memory, and this caused some stuttering issues when playing back video.  The test results below were gathered with only one major application open at a time.  You can see that it takes quite a beast to run animation intensive Power Point with Office 2K7.

WPG-150 CPU Performance

As you can see, the biggest complaint with the WPG-150 is CPU load.  The video quality at 640x480 is great, and with no other applications running, performance is smooth and stutter-free.  The ability to choose either a cloned display or an extended desktop is a wonderful feature to have.




If you are looking to connect to a projector on external display wirelessly, there are only a handful of affordable choices.  The WPG-150 is perhaps the most affordable, feature-rich device on the market, and certainly is a great choice if you're looking to display text, animations, or video on an external display.  It can display up to 1024x768 and full motion video at 640x480.  Video quality is excellent and the ability to lock down the proprietary network with WPA encryption is also a bonus.

Finally, as a Wireless Presentation Gateway, it also can act as an internet gateway to computers that are connected wirelessly.  Many other devices prevent you from accessing the internet due to their sole Ad-Hoc network connection.  The WPG-150 keeps you connected to the internet if you plug the Ethernet port into a network that has internet access.


  • Affordable Wireless Projector Connection.
  • Gateway - Keeps you connected to the net.
  • Full-motion video playback.
  • Software works as extra display in clone or extended desktop mode.
  • Small footprint and nice design.
  • DVI-D, VGA and Audio connections.
  • Firmware upgradeable and small software package stored on device.


  • CPU intensive when running multiple applications over the WPG-150.

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Top Pick

If you are looking for a nice little device that does it all and does it all very well for the price, consider the WPG-150.  With a MSRP of $200, it could be the best money you've spent for your business, charitable organization or just for yourself.

I'd like to thank ViewSonic for setting us up with the WPG-150 and being flexible so that we could use it for a non-profit youth event this past weekend.  Please feel free to post your thoughts, comments and questions regarding this review at the "Comments" link below.